Floors and walls are the two most important decorative elements your home will ever have and when you invest in hardwood flooring, it does a lot for your home. The pattern you choose is essential for the final look. It makes the difference between wasting money on the floor or investing money into the one element that can totally change the look of the home. When you can get them installed the right way, the cheapest property can be turned into a home that will welcome your family and friends. How will the different flooring patterns affect the overall look of your home?

Hardwood Flooring Patterns

Chevron hardwood flooring patterns. There is a long history behind chevron flooring and the pattern should not be confused with herringbone. The biggest difference in the two is that the chevron flooring boards are cut in an angle and the herringbone pattern is made using full boards. Choosing chevron flooring pattern provides dimensional stability with a beautiful V shaped layout. It can make a small room look larger.
Herringbone pattern. This pattern of flooring should not be laid out in small rooms because it will make the room look even smaller. If you really want the herringbone pattern, you should use a light color in a small room, the lighter the better. It will cost more to lay this pattern down because of the extra labor and materials. This pattern will be more stable than parallel installation because the boards are pushing up against each other with little or no movement.
Parquet hardwood flooring design. These patterns are unique because they’re made of many pieces of wood that interlock together to create the pattern. There may be 2 or more different types of wood in a combination of geometric shapes used together to create the look. The possibilities are endless with this flooring pattern. This pattern is glued down and therefore very stable because of the small block sizes and their position in relation to each other.
Diagonal hardwood floor patterns. This pattern will make your home pop but most installers won’t give you this option because of the extra time that comes with the installation. This pattern will expand the room because the eye is drawn to the corners of the room. Diagonal is cheaper than herringbone but will cost more than a straight installation because there a lot of extra cuts that will convert into more money for installation. There also needs to be extra wood ordered for the extra cuts that can add to the cost.
Random hardwood floor width lengths. This pattern can be installed straight or diagonally using boards that are different widths. For example, 2 ¼”, 3 ¼ and 4 ¼”. The pattern will be repeated until the end of the room is reached. This layout will make the room seem bigger, so it’s great for small rooms. To get the maximum effect of a larger room, the floor needs to be installed parallel to the longest wall in the room.

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The overall look and size of your home will be affected by the pattern of your hardwood floors you decide on. Steam Green Carpet Cleaning can help with any questions you have on the type of hardwood floor to get and the pattern you should use. Give us a call today to set up a consultation.