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Choosing Grout Type & Color for Your Kitchen, Bathroom & Other Living Area Tile in Pasadena, CA

When you have decided on the tile you want to have installed in your home, many people don’t realize you still have to choose a grout that you want to use with it. There are several different choices, and depending on the surface you are having tiled, they can look quite unique. You may want your grout to be noticeable, while others want the grout to blend in with the tile. Any way you slice the cake, you need to choose the grout type and color that will fit your needs best. Steam Green Carpet Cleaning would like to talk about all the different options you face when choosing the right grout for your tile.

How to Choose Grout Type

When choosing the grout type for your tiled surface, you need to consider the type of tile you are using and where it is going to be installed. Here is a list of the types of grout and where they are used:
1. Unsanded Grout– Unsanded grout is used when your grout joints are going to be less than 1/8 inch wide. This type of grout is commonly used with stone tiles. Unsanded grout is very smooth once it is dry. Many people use this type of grout when installing wall tiles.
2. Sanded Grout– This type of grout is used for joints that measure between 1/8 inch and 5/8 inch. Grains of sand are added to the grout mixture for added strength. It helps your grout hold up against shrinkage and cracking.
3. Epoxy Grout– This grout type is harder to install, but is very stain resistant. It works well in wet areas because epoxy grout stands up well to mold and mildew. Rather than being mixed with water, epoxy grout is made with resins in a two-part chemical process and ends up being thick and flexible.

Choosing Grout Color

Once you know the type of grout you will use, you will need to decide on a grout color. If you are going for a dramatic pattern you may want to choose a contrasting grout color. If you want to showcase the tiles, choose a grout color that blends more. Light colored grout isn’t as stain resistant as neutral colors. Dark colors are great at hiding dirt and stains, but they tend to fade with time. You would never want to clean dark colored grout with bleach since this would help aide in fading your grout. If you want to play it safe, colors that are somewhere in the middle of light and dark like tans and greys are always a great choice.

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No matter what grout and tile you choose, keeping them properly maintained is important. Having your tile and grout professionally cleaned at least once a year will keep your tiled surfaces looking like the day they were installed. This will also help extend the life of your tiled surfaces. Steam Green Carpet Cleaning offers not only carpet cleaning but tile and grout cleaning as well. We will keep your tiled surfaces sparkling!

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