It’s an unfortunate fact of life; carpets will get stained at some point during their life span. It is usually unavoidable. Where many people attempt to minimize the risk; it seems the efforts are not always in your favor. The good news is most stains can be properly removed and even the stubborn stains can be professionally removed if it proves to be a challenge for the homeowner. However, when tending to these stains, many people make mistakes that can result in minimal to severe consequences.

Steam Green Carpet Cleaning List the Steps You Need to AVOID When Cleaning Stains

Hot water. The various stains can be easily dealt with the correct water temperature, cool or warm. But hot water needs to be avoided at all costs as it will cause most stains to set in and become near impossible to remove. When in doubt, stick with cool water.
Scrub and rub. Instinct and frustration can make people scrub and rub at stains, don’t do it. Stains that get rubbed and scrubbed will just push the stain out wider and deeper into the fibers, causing a bigger stain to deal with. Stains should be blotted and patted, and worked from the outside in to avoid the spreading.
Skipping the test patch. Whether you use a commercial pre-made cleaner, or concoct your own homemade remedy, always perform a test patch in an inconspicuous location in case the chemicals or ingredients compromise the integrity or color of the carpet. Even perform the test if it’s something you have used before, just to be safe.
Using colored or printed paper towels or cloths. As painful as it can be to mar up white cleaning cloths, it is prudent you avoid using cloths or paper towels that are colored or have a design printed them. The color or print can, under many circumstances, be transferred onto the carpet. Now you have the previous stain to contend with and the dyes that inadvertently got transferred onto the area you were trying to clean as well.
Allowing the stain to set. When accidents first happen, they need to be cleaned up immediately. Allowing stains to fester can make them increasingly difficult to remove. Fresh stains have a higher success rate of being lifted when they are treated immediately.
Smearing the bulk. Stains caused by food or something with a dense substance needs to be carefully scooped up before attempting to clean the stain. Trying to clean the stain without removing the bulk will only make matters worse. Use a spoon or a dull butter knife, spatula, or something similar to carefully remove the bulk and wipe it onto a paper towel for easy disposal.

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Cleaning the carpet stains can be a challenge in some cases. If you are ever uncomfortable to clean a stain, lack the time, or cannot lift the stubborn stains out, Steam Green Carpet Cleaning technicians are expertly trained and have years of experience to remove the stains quickly and efficiently. Call us today to schedule your appointment.