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Benefits of Stain Resistant Carpet in Long Beach, CA; Improved Appearance, Healthier & Easier to Clean as it Repels Stains & Dirt

Have you ever been sitting at a party and see someone bump a table that causes the spilling of red wine on the carpet? It spreads right before your eyes into a big red blob and the carpet is light beige! You try your hardest to get it out before the stain sets permanently. The stains on your carpet everyday don’t usually happen from red wine but you do track a lot of dirt across your carpet. If you have children or pets then it’s even worse. Is there a way to make clean up easier? Stain resistant carpet may be the right choice for your home. Your carpet will never be 100% stain-proof but the stain resistant ones will allow you to remove stains quickly and without permanent damage.

How Stain Resistant Carpet Works

Carpets are made from all types of fabrics. Polypropylene, polyester, acrylic, silk, wool, and nylon. Nylon makes up half of the carpet sold in the U.S. because it has a powerful resistance to abrasion and mildew. Stain resistant carpet is coated with a chemical film that repels dirt and liquids to prevent them from setting in. The technology works in one of two ways. Nylon fibers are either infused with chemicals before they’re sent to a carpeting mill or chemicals are applied during the manufacturing process onsite, after the tufting or weaving process. Stain resistant carpet is really effective in preventing food, juices and other beverages, pet accidents, ink, rust and even shoe polish.

Benefits of Stain Resistant Carpet

Stain resistant carpet looks nicer for longer making it cost effective. You aren’t likely to replace it too soon. It is available at all price points making it affordable for every budget. Spills on stain-resistant carpet are most likely to come out because of its wicking properties. The carpet is easier to clean because oils and dirt do not stick to the coating. Carpet is home to many microorganisms and can be a breeding ground for all sorts of things whether it’s stain resistant or not. Carpet fibers trap allergens like mold and bacteria. If spills are easily removed then your home will be heathier.

Cleaning Spills

You should always clean spills right away. Blot the stain first with water or mild detergents and avoid rubbing the stain. Don’t use harsh chemicals that will damage the fibers. Always follow the manufactures instruction for cleaning your specific carpet because major manufacturers will use their own protective, stain-resistant coatings. Some substances that can permanently discolor or harm your carpet are strong chemicals, acne medication, and yellow mustard. Keep these thongs away from your carpet!

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Eventually the protective chemicals will wear off. After you get your carpets steam cleaned you have the option of adding protection to it. Carpet cleaning does not remove the protection but what is removed is the residual coating that has been worn away from the fibers. The dirt can be vacuumed out leaving your carpet protected and less susceptible to stains, damage from abrasives and premature wear. If you need help caring for your carpet give Steam Green Carpet Cleaning a call.

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