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Anti-Static Carpet Treatment Solutions in Pasadena, CA; How to Get Rid of Static Electricity in Your House with Humidity, Sprays & More

Have you noticed there are some parts of your home where the carpet is quite shocking? Or maybe that freshly laid carpet can give you and others a jolt. This is not an expression. Some carpets have the knack for building up a static charge that can create a surprising zap from time to time. There a few reasons why this happens, but when it does it can make those rooms rather annoying to be in. Steam Green Carpet Cleaning will share why some carpets carry static and provide some remedies you can try to stop those shocking moments.

Static on Nylon VS Polyester Carpet

Remember what your mom used to say? Never drag your feet. Well, the dragging of your feet will create an electrical charge that will disperse when you come in contact with a proper conduit. So keep that in mind in those rooms that naturally have more static in them. Now there are some carpets that just develop static better then others, like nylon carpet makes much more static than polyester carpet will. But don’t just blame the type of carpet. There are other reasons to blame.

Humidity & Moist Static Electricity Energy Relationship

Rooms with less humidity or moisture in the air will have a static problem. The moisture that builds on top of the surface of carpets acts as a protective layer or barrier between you and the static that is inside the carpet. Sometimes just opening a window from time to time will help reduce the static problem in a room. However it’s not energy efficient when you need to keep your home warm or cooled down. You can also use a humidifier to add your own moisture to the room reducing the amount of static in that room.

Carpet Anti-Static Spray

Another method is to use commercial products. You can find in many stores a spray-on anti-static agent that makes a protective layer for you. Some of these commercial products are ACL Staticide and Shadow FX. But there is a downside to using these commercial products. Many of those spray-on products leave a sticky surface that will attract dirt that makes carpets very dirty. You will have to regularly clean your carpets, not to mention reapply the anti-static spray each time you do. There are some better ways to deal with static on your carpet than using a sticky product!

Homemade Anti-Static Spray for Carpets

What is that you might ask? You can make your own anti-static spray that won’t leave your carpets sticky and dirty. To make you own anti-static spray start by use a spray bottle with 8oz. of water, then mix a tablespoon of rubbing alcohol with another tablespoon of fabric softener. You will find this will reduce the static on the carpets and it will also make them smell clean.

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You don’t have to deal with static in your carpet whether they are new and freshly installed or that room that just has no air flow or moisture to it. All it takes is a few simple steps to reduce that static charge. Steam Green Carpet Cleaning hopes we were able to help with this problem. For all of your carpet care needs, we are just a phone call away.

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