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How to Clean Kid Carpet Stains in Glendale, CA; Mud, Juice, Crayons, Paint, Markers & More

Having kids in your home means more carpet stains. Clean carpets are important because our children spend so much time playing on them. Muddy shoes, spilled drinks and artwork on your carpet are all parts of parenthood. Steam Green Carpet Cleaning offers helpful tips to remove common kid carpet stains.

Carpet Stains with Kids in the Home

1. Mud. Remember how fun it was to play in the mud? Kids love it! We all want our children to enjoy having fun jumping through mud puddles on a rainy day, but it can be quite a mess when it gets tracked into the house and onto the carpet. If your kids aren’t great at removing their shoes at the door, you’ll need to know how to handle muddy messes. Grabbing a cloth and starting to scrub isn’t a good idea. This just spreads the mess around and grinds the mud deeper into the carpet fibers. The best way to take care of mud messes is to let the mud dry and blot any puddles. Blotting will lift the mess into the cloth. Once the mud is dry it can be vacuumed. Then dab a clean cloth into a mixture of mild soap and water to clean up anything that remains and remember to spot-test the solution you’ll be using on a hidden area first.
2. Juice. Kids love juice and the brighter the color, the better! This can be bad news for your carpets. Again, grabbing a cloth and starting to scrub is not the way to go. This will only push the stain further in to the carpet fibers and will just spread the stain. Blot with a paper towel or clean cloth to soak up as much of the spill as you can. A mixture of mild sap and water can help remove a light stain, but heavier stains will need more work. Professionals are experts at getting stains out and store-bought cleaners might have a negative effect on your carpet. Some can damage carpet fibers and others can discolor it.
3. Artwork. Kids love to make artwork and you’ll love all their creations until they end up on your carpets! Different art stains require different methods of cleaning. Crayons are waxy enough and probably won’t leave a stain behind. Just vacuum any debris left behind and you should be good to go. Paint that is darker in color can be hard to remove. Remember no to rub. Let the paint dry and vacuum up the leftover remains. Crayon and paint stains can be completely removed with a mild cleaning solution. Permanent marker will most likely leave permanent stains. Cleaners can help remove a lot of it but probably not completely. For complete removal you will probably need to give the pros a call.

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It doesn’t matter how careful kids are, accidents will happen so it’s always good to be prepared. Contact the pros at Steam Green Carpet Cleaning for expert advice and methods to have your carpets looking like new all the time, even with kids in your house!

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