The carpet in your home is installed and probably looks amazing. The work starts immediately to protect the carpet and keep it looking clean from stains. The work seems to be never ending. You have to do a daily routine that includes vacuuming to remove small amounts of dirt and debris. This can help keep the debris from getting too deep in the fibers. Another way to treat your carpets is to clean off any spills that end up on your carpets. Any spill should be treated right away to better your chances of removing the stain completely. Be sure that if you treat the stain or spill with the right treatment. You want to pretest any cleaner that you use on your carpet to make sure that it does not cause damage. One thing about carpet is that there is usually a protector on the carpet from the factory. The protector will help keep the carpet safe from some stains. You can also have a secondary protector added to your carpet as well.

Steam Green Carpet Cleaning Explains What Carpet Protector Is & How It Works To Protect Your Carpet

What is Carpet Protector?: When you look into what a carpet protector is you will find some information on what brands there are. Generally a carpet protector no matter what brand works to repel spills that may be dropped on your carpet. The carpet repellent is something that can come on the carpet from the factory. When you purchase new carpet you can ask what is on the carpet and if there is a recommendation to add a secondary one. If you want to add more protector to your carpet you can have it added by a carpet care specialist. There are aftermarket brands that can be applied and many people choose to have it done.
How Does Carpet Protector Work?: The carpet is basically made up of some type of fabric. It can be wool, nylon and cotton all of which can easily absorb moisture. The fibers are the individual pieces that are attached to the backing and that is what makes the floor comfortable. When a protector is added to the carpet is encases each piece of carpet so that it is able to repel a spill that may be dropped. The water or juice will pool away from the fiber rather than soak into it. This makes clean up quite a bit easier but you still need to get to it as soon as possible.
Is Carpet Repellent Worth It: You may be wondering is adding a carpet repellent is worth the cost for you. You should consider the traffic and accidents that you find throughout your home. The more you are chasing down spills the better the chance is that you should have a carpet protectant added. You want to protect your carpet so that it will last a long time and you are not prematurely replacing it.

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