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What Carpet Cleaners & Cleaning Methods Not to Use When Removing Old Stains from Carpet in Beverly Hills, CA

The carpet in your home is one of the most important accessories. It can enhance the style and elegance of any room or even bring it down. Carpets will eventually meet disaster at some point. Stains being caused by food or beverages, pets, daily use, household chemicals and products, grass, and other such circumstances can mar the beauty, dingy up the carpet, resulting in a poor presentation of the room they feature in. Where instinct would have many on all fours trying to remove the stains, there are some products that should not be involved. Today, we at Steam Green Carpet Cleaning would like to clarify the cleaning products that should be avoided when extracting carpet stains.

What Carpet Cleaner Products & Solutions Should I Not Use?

– Do not overlook knowing what type of carpet fibers were used to construct your carpet. Some materials cannot be cleaned with specific chemical agents. To avoid any further damage to your carpet, know what is safe and effective to use to remove stains.
– Do not use hot water for treating stains. Similar to treating laundry stains, hot water or implements will more frequently cause the stain to set in. If that happens, stains can be next to impossible to remove. There could be a few exceptions however. For example, one method to remove wax is by placing a hot iron over paper to draw the wax up, but even in this technique, extreme temperatures are not recommended.
РDo not skip the patch test procedure. No matter if you prefer a department store’s carpet stain cleaning product, or favor the home remedy concoctions, some carpet fibers and chemical agents cannot come into contact. The wrong ingredient can break down the fibers and ruin the composition, where others could lighten the color of your carpet, making the carpets look unattractive.
– Do not scrub or rub. Natural impulse often encourages people to apply high volumes of pressure while they scrub or rub stains vigorously. It is important you resist that urge. Rubbing and scrubbing will simply make the stain worse by spreading out and down into the fibers. Instead use moderate pressure to blot the stain, working the outer edges towards the center to control the stain and remove it easier.
– Do not neglect the stain. Whenever possible, do not let the stain fester. The longer a stain has to set, the more difficult it will be to remove. Tending to the stain as soon as is it happens can save you a lot of aggravation.
– Do not use printed or dyed implements. The dye and prints found on paper towels, rags, cloths, and towels could potentially be transferred onto the carpet while trying to work at removing the stain. Instead of using the dyed fabrics, have designated paper towels and rags, cloths, and towels that are plain and white that are used for treating carpet stains.

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