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Trying to Clean Air Ducts Yourself in Pasadena, CA? Why You Should Hire a Professional Air Duct Cleaning Service

We are at the time of the year that the weather starts to change and the temperature starts to drop. This is a great time of year to open up the doors and the windows to let in some fresh air and turn off the AC! When the doors are opened up that means that there will be more dirt and dust coming in too! Now that you are ready to give the air conditioning unit a break before you turn on the heater you can have the system cleaned which should include cleaning the air ducts. The first line of defense in keeping the air ducts clean is to change out the filters on the unit on a regular basis. Although this is a great way to keep out some of the dust and debris it is not going to keep it all out. That is why the services available and with the seasons about to change this is the best time of year to have it done.

Steam Green Carpet Cleaning List Reasons to Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned This Fall Season

Eliminate Burnt Odors from Dirty HVAC Systems: The time of the year is here when you click off the AC and get ready to get the heater fired up. The heater is used all winter long and many people will start to use it in the fall as well. The weather will start to cool down fairly fast and you want to be ready. When you click on your heater most people can smell a burning smell the first day that can be alarming for the family. The burning smell is from the buildup of dust on the coils as well as in the duct work. If you want to skip that terrifying smell call a professional that offers air duct cleaning to come out and remove the left over dust and debris that can be built up over the rest of the year.
How to Get Rid of Indoor Allergens in Your Home: All the dust and debris that is in the air ducts are a huge factor for allergy sufferers. There are dust and allergens that are built up in the air duct such as pet dander, hair, skin flakes, pests and dust all of which can act as a catalyst for people that suffer from allergies. When you have the air ducts cleaned professionally you can get all the particles in the air duct cleaned out before the allergies in your home get out of hand. When the weather cools off you are most often going to be spending more time in the home and that is the reason to have the air ducts cleaned in the fall.
Increase Air Conditioner Efficiency: One of the biggest draws in a home’s energy usage is the HVAC unit. It needs to draw energy to cool or heat your entire home and to maintain that temperature all day and night. One of the biggest ways to lose efficiency is when the air ducts are blocked due to debris. The air cannot get to the room due to the blockage and that means that it needs to cool or heat the air more to get the temperature that you want.

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