• Green Carpet

Sherry S

October 15, 2015

I just want to take a moment to express how amazing this company is. I visit my mother in Vegas once a month and I never leave behind my minpin Rusty. She is a very well trained dog and never has issues…usually!! However I forgot to bring her dog food and of course the stores in my mom’s neighborhood didn’t have her brand. So I got what seemed like the closest thing to her usual brand. However the next morning proved it was so far from close to her brand. She had done her business in 4 spots in the house. So I immediately called around and this company had the best customer service and prices out of the 10 I called. They got someone out within 2 hours of my call they were extremely reasonable and very professional. When I say I highly recommend this company it’s a under statement. No need to waste time shopping around like I did!!!!!

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