• Green Carpet

Jamie A

October 15, 2015

Carpet cleaning at Steam Green Carpet Cleaning was probably one of the wisest decision I ever made. Our 10 year old carpet is both musky and smelly due to our house having mold issues. I had a coworker who recommended Steam Green Carpet Cleaning because I couldn’t find an alternative to our current carpet cleaning company, which cleaned and cleaned without results. We wasted all that money when we could have easily came to Steam Green Carpet Cleaning. I cannot stress enough checking reviews before receiving service. The representative came on time and after little to no hassle, began cleaning. Later on, we had to wait a few hours before checking for thorough results. I was impressed that our 10 year old carpet looked and SMELLED brand new. I loved the service provided by Steam Green Carpet Cleaning and I thought it was worth every PENNY….I definitely recommend this company. Thank you so much.

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