• Green Carpet

Candice S

October 15, 2015

We LOVE Steam Green Carpet Cleaning Company. They did a fantastic job on our carpets. In addition to my beloved cats, I also have a nine month old puppy who made our living room and our sofa her ‘business area’ throughout her training period. Sometimes I would step on the carpet and it felt all gushy like a flood! I would try to extract as much watery pee as I could and we have our own household carpet shampoo cleaner that we had ran been running once a month but all it was doing was moving the dirt around and nothing for the stains or odors. I was ready to replace all of the carpet and my beautiful antique rug, not to mention my fabric and leather sofa. Steam Green Carpet Cleaner was recommended by my dear friend who hires them for her residential carpet and mattress cleaning as well as her son’s commercial carpet and tile cleaning at his office. They came out the next day and pre-treated all of the problem areas. Their carpet and oriental rug cleaning made it is if we had never house trained a puppy and I didn’t have to replace any floor coverings. And they saved my couch too. When I was talking to one of the carpet cleaning technicians, they mentioned that they also do air duct cleaning which is particularly important when you have furry animals with lots of hair floating around. I can’t remember if our ducts have ever been cleaned so I plan to call them back out soon.

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