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Smelly Pet Dog & Cat Urine Carpet Stain & Odor Solutions; Carpet Deodorizing & Cleaning in Long Beach CA

Carpet provides a comfortable and soft surface for your floors making your home a great place to relax and enjoy. Keeping your carpet clean and from getting spilled on and stained can sometimes feel like a never ending chore. With regular carpet cleaning maintenance, carpet can last for quite a long time and keep its original look, providing your home with not only comfort but also beauty. Sometimes carpet can begin to put off an offensive odor, even if there is no visible sign of a spill or stain. If you are unaware that something was spilled onto your carpet or an accident occurred without you knowing, a foul odor can form because the mess was never cleaned and whatever was spilled has seeped into the fibers of your carpet, creating the bad smell.

Removing Pet Dog & Cat Urine Stains & Odors from Carpet & Rugs

One of the most offensive smells that can occur from an accident on your carpet is that of pet urine. If you have a pet that is still in the middle of being house trained, it is most important to pay attention to all of the areas in the house that they wander around in. If a pet has an accident that you are unaware of, the urine will soak into the fiber of your carpet. This will leave a most extremely offensive odor that not only will make the room smell, but will linger throughout your entire house. These odors are very difficult to remove on your own, and if not cleaned immediately can ruin your carpet and require that new carpet be installed. If spills and accidents are left long enough untreated, not only will the accident soak into the fibers of the carpet, but also the floor padding. This will leave your house smelling awful.

Removing Musty Smells After Home Flood Damage

An unfortunate situation to be caught in is that of a flood in your home. If a flood has occurred in your home, it may be impossible to salvage the carpet, depending on the type of damage that has been done. Do not immediately think that you have to replace your entire carpet. There are professional carpet cleaning services that specialize in restoring carpet after it has been damaged by the effects of a flood. If you fail to treat your carpet after a flood has occurred, not only will you have a foul smell floating throughout your home, but you will also create a thriving environment for mold and mildew to grow – which will add another layer of offensive smell in your home.

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