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Professional Mattress Cleaning Service; Tips to Remove Sweat & Urine Stains, Dust Mites & Bacteria in Los Angeles CA

There are many chores around the house that need to be completed and cleaning your mattress is one job that can sometimes be neglected. It is easy to put off cleaning your mattress when it is often covered up with sheets and comforters and while we may be willing to overlook the stains; stains are not the only thing we should be worried about. When we sleep, we not only sweat, our bodies also slough skin cells which are deposited on our mattresses and provide the perfect breeding ground for dust mites and bacteria.

Unhealthy Soiled Mattresses; Dust Mites & Bacteria

Studies suggest that many skin irritations and other types of allergic reactions, including respiratory issues and headaches can be attributed to your soiled mattresses. Dust mites in particular produce feces that are a common cause of allergies in human beings. Bacteria can also cause an immune response which can lead to respiratory reactions. Dust mites reproduce at an extremely fast rate and it is not uncommon for a bed to be infested with over a million dust mites at a given time. In fact dust mites can even increase the weight of your mattress by a substantial amount.

Deep Steam Mattress Cleaning Service

The Professionals at Steam Green Carpet Cleaning understand mattresses and recommend a deep mattress cleaning to eradicate pests and the problems they can cause. Regular maintenance can also help eliminate stains and organic soiling. The professional mattress cleaning specialists at Steam Green Carpet Cleaning can eliminate dust mites and their waste material.

The expert mattress cleaning specialists at Steam Green Carpet Cleaning recommend a deep mattress cleaning to:

Eliminate dust mites – The best method for eliminating dust mites is with a Steam Green Mattress Cleaning professional deep steam clean. Our professional mattress cleaning treatments will eliminate dust mites and their waste products and improve your families health.
Remove dust – dust can accumulate quickly, especially in the Greater Las Angeles area. Your mattress is a prime target for accumulating dust and our mattress cleaning specialists recommend a regular deep clean to completely remove dust from your mattress. We can effectively remove impurities such as dirt, pollen, and pet dander quickly and effectively.
Reduce allergic reactions – a regular, professional Steam Green Mattress Cleaning will reduce allergic reactions among you and your family members.
Avoid skin problems – sensitive skin in particular can be irritated by dirt, dust mites and other impurities. By arranging to have your mattress professionally cleaned on a regular basis, you can reduce the possibility of skin problems and other allergic reactions.
Improve your nights sleep – Studies indicate that a clean, fresh mattress can not only improve your night’s sleep, it can also improve your general wellbeing.

Professional Deep Steam Mattress, Stain Removal, Floor & Upholstery Cleaning in Valley Village, Long Beach, Pasadena, Santa Monica, Santa Clarita, Simi Valley, Burbank, Calabasas, Beverly Hills, Thousand Oaks & Los Angeles CA

A professional mattress cleaning has many benefits and the experienced mattress cleaning specialists at Steam Green Carpet Cleaning can thoroughly clean your mattress to eliminate dust mites and keep your mattress allergy free. Contact us today!

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