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Mattress Care Maintenance Guide in Calabasas, CA; Rotation Schedule, Protectors & More

Since you spend roughly 1/3 of your life on your mattress, you want to make sure that it wears well and will last as long as possible. There are many measures you can take in caring for your mattress that will extend its life. You want your mattress to not only be comfortable, but clean as well. Steam Green Carpet Cleaning is here to share some mattress maintenance tips that will help you have the best night’s sleep possible.

Mattress Rotation Schedule

All mattress manufacturers will tell you how important it is that you rotate your mattress. Older mattresses used to be able to be rotated as well as flipped. Now mattresses are made with a “one side up” and you can no longer flip them over. The most important time to rotate your mattress is when you first purchase it. They say you should rotate it every couple of weeks for the first four months after purchase. Once that time frame has come and gone, it is okay to start rotating every three months. If your mattress has a box spring, it should be rotated twice a year as well.

Mattress Protectors

Sheets offer a certain amount of protection for your mattress, but a mattress cover will take it to the next step. You want to keep your mattress protected from bodily fluids as well as dust and debris that could cause damage. Some mattress covers will go as far as protect your mattress from bed bugs.

Don’t Jump on the Bed

There’s a reason your mom told you not to jump on the bed all those years. Jumping on your bed will ruin the coils if you have them in your mattress. Even if you don’t have coils in your mattress, it will wear out the fibers of your mattress and cause damage.

Vacuum Your Mattress

As you vacuum your floor, have you ever thought of vacuuming your mattress? Vacuuming your mattress is an excellent way to keep the dust mites and other debris from breaking down your mattress prematurely. One step beyond that, you should have your mattress professionally cleaned at least once a year to give it the deep clean that it needs.

Clean Your Mattress with Baking Soda

If you notice that there are any odors on your mattress, one of the safest ways to get rid of it is with baking soda. This miracle powder will absorb and neutralize odors if you let it sit on your mattress for several hours before vacuuming it up. Adding a couple of drops of essential oils can help give you a nice aromatic effect as well.

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If you haven’t had your mattress professionally cleaned before, let the cleaning professionals at Steam Green Carpet Cleaning handle it for you. We offer mattress cleaning that leave your mattress free of odor or dust mites. You will be able to rest easy knowing your mattress is free of odors and dust mites. Call us today!

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