Commercial carpeting is different than a residential flooring option. That is for good reason, the first is that it needs to be able to withstand a lot more foot traffic, second is that it is not necessarily for a lot of comfort. The carpet in a commercial building is usually made very durable and can last a very long time, as long as the carpet is maintained properly. If you allow the dirt and grime to build up on the carpet it can reduce the life of the carpet significantly.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Most professional would recommend that the carpet in any commercial building be cleaned every 4 to 6 months. There are many types of debris and dirt that makes its way onto the carpet. This can range from dirt from shoes, oil from the parking lot and debris from plants that are near the walkway or entrance. There are some options when looking into having your commercial carpets cleaned.
Here are some choices that we at Steam Green Carpet Cleaning have come up for you.

Carpet Cleaning Options

Steam Cleaning: As our name suggests we are partial to steam carpet cleaning. This option is preferred by many businesses because of the cleanliness that it offers. This way the steam comes from a hose that heats the water and turns into steam with a chemical cleaner that is used to saturate the carpeting and breaks down the buildup of dirt and grime. The water is then extracted from the carpet leaving it slightly damp but this way you can see the amount of dirt that has come off the carpet.

Dry Cleaning: This option is a great choice for some businesses and can be discussed when you speak to a technician for your appointment. The dry chemical option is when a dry compound is added to the carpet and left to set. This is when the chemical can break down the dirt and have it ready to be removed. Then a high powered vacuum is used to remove not only the dry chemical compound but also the dirt that it has lifted from the carpeting.
Whichever option you choose Steam Green Carpet Cleaning is available to have your carpets done in no time at all. Contact us today!