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Do it Yourself Rug Cleaning & Deodorizing Tips; How to Remove Stains & Odors from Area Rugs in Burbank CA

Tips on Cleaning a Neglected Area Rug

We have all been there, we are ecstatic with our flooring and our beautiful area rug adorning the surface as the perfect touch. But alas, it is perfectly placed in a high traffic area, where not only does it get abused by walking and playing on it but, but dirt is trailed in, or mud, beverages are spilled, food is splattered, and pets can’t seem to make it out on time to do their business. Though you fancied yourself on being on top of the chaos, one day you realize just how filthy and stained your area rug actually is, and you lose sleep over fretting about getting those stains out.

Steam Green Carpet Cleaning offers some tips on getting your neglected area rug clean and revitalized.

1. Vacuum Area Rug. Many folks often are so concerned with getting the stains and deep rooted grime out, that they will forget the first step in tending to stains, and that’s vacuuming. Vacuum the area rug thoroughly and meticulously to ensure all loose dirt and debris is sufficiently sucked away. Skipping this step can make for even a messier and extended process.
2. Select an appropriate cleanser for area rug. Be sure to read the label of your area rug for any warnings or specific cleaning instructions. Conduct a patch test in an inconspicuous spot to confirm the DIY or commercial premade cleaner will not compromise the color or integrity of your area rug. Below are a few suggestions for DIY cleaning solutions.
Shaving cream removes rug stains: Shaving cream is a beast at obliterating the worse of the worse of stains. Red wine was used to test the theory, apply shaving cream, and allow it to lift the stain and bam, no more red wine.
Brown paper and flour removes rug grease stains: This concoction is excellent on grease stains. Simply sprinkle flour on the grease, place the brown paper on top, place some weight on top and wait 20 minutes. Grease is transferred to the brown paper.
White vinegar removes rug odors: White vinegar isn’t just good for removing stains, but it also has the power to remove odors and disinfect germs. Avoid other vinegar’s as they have color to them that can cause other stains. Depending on the severity of the stains is how to determine the potency. For severe stains use white vinegar without diluting it. For mediocre stains 2 parts white vinegar and 2 parts water. And stains that are mild 1 part white vinegar and 3 parts water. AVOID hot water as the heat can potentially make the stain permanent.
Mild dish soap removes many rug stains: Mild dish soap can work wonders, it can be added to vinegar solutions, combined with just water, or help other mixtures. Just use a minimal amount to your solution as too much soap can cause residues and be difficult to rinse away. For example, you can combine 2 cups water with 2 tsp liquid dish soap in a squirt bottle for easy application.
3. Rinse rugs after spot cleaning. It is always a safe step to gently rinse solutions away with pure water to eliminate possible residues. In a squirt bottle, spray down treated areas. Do not soak, soaking can contribute to mold or mildew.
4. Towel dry rugs. Dry the damp areas as best you can with a clean towel. Open a window, flip on a fan (ceiling or room fan) and allow the rug to completely dry.
5. Vacuum rugs again. The full circle has been made, vacuum again to remove any lingering offenses along with ensuring the fibers are relaxed.

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