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Benefits of Using Steam to Clean Carpets, Rugs, Upholstery, Drapery, Mattresses and Tile & Grout in Beverly Hills California

It is estimated that people spend 90 percent of their time indoors, either in their homes or at the office or other work environments. Because we are indoors more often than we are not, we are in almost constant contact with the carpet in our homes and offices. If your carpets are not being cleaned on a regular basis at your home or office, then you are being exposed to dangerous materials that can be harmful to your health. Carpet can carry many different types of bacteria; in fact, the virus that is responsible for the flu can survive for thirty days or longer on the surface of carpet. Regular vacuuming and cleaning of carpet will greatly improve the environment of your home and office.

Chem Dry Carpet Cleaning can Leave Soap Residue on Carpet

There are many carpet cleaning options to choose from today. While they are all different in some small ways, most carpet cleaning companies in general use soaps and other chemicals to get your carpet clean. Unfortunately not all of these methods render great results. One of the biggest complaints that home owners have after their carpets have been cleaned by a dry carpet cleaning professional is that their carpet feels like there is a residue left behind. While strong soaps and chemicals greatly help to remove stains and are very effective in doing so, what is difficult to remove from the carpet completely is the soap and chemicals that were used to remove the stain.

Steam Carpet Cleaning Removes Soap & Chemical Residues on Carpet

In many cases, leftover soap residue will soon act as a magnet for dust, dirt and grime, and pretty soon you will notice that your carpet is once again in need of a professional cleaning. But what other option do you have to turn to after experiencing left over residue and soap from your previous experience? Your best option is to hire a steam cleaning carpet company. Cleaning carpet with steam means that the harsh chemicals and soaps are not used to get your carpet looking new and fresh. And the soaps and chemicals that are used are rinsed cleaned and extracted using powerful truck mounted steam carpet cleaning machines!

Professional Steam Carpet Cleaning Services in Valley Village, Long Beach, Pasadena, Santa Monica, Santa Clarita, Simi Valley, Burbank, Calabasas, Beverly Hills, Thousand Oaks & Los Angeles CA

Think of all the debris and chemicals and soap and everything else that has been building up in your carpet overtime. Steam cleaning carpet utilizes equipment that shoots hot water into the fibers of your carpet to remove all of the debris buildup that has occurred over time. The heated application of a thorough steam cleaning will reduce any bacteria, germs, mites and other toxins that are present in your carpet’s fibers. For carpet that is completely clean with no harsh residues left behind, contact Steam Green Carpet Cleaning.

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