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Benefits of Deep Upholstery, Sofa & Couch Steam Cleaning; Appearance, Odor Removal, Improved Indoor Air Quality & More

The upholstery covering your furniture takes quite a bit of abuse. Over constant use, the upholstery can become faded, stained, dingy and dull. The more popular furnishings for your family can quickly be riddled with blemishes such as; ink stains, food or beverage stains, children’s creative craft-affiliated stain, and anything in between. Fortunately there are some home remedies and commercial products that can help you spot clean the upholstery in between the professional cleaning.

Professional Steam Carpet Cleaning

That being said, we at Steam Green Carpet Cleaning would like to relate the benefits of utilizing the services of a professional to perform a deep cleaning on your upholstered furnishings.
1. Effective Deep Clean. As previously mentioned, upholstery is easily besmirched with a wide range of possibilities. The more you use it the more wear and tear you can expect. With a deep cleaning service conducted by a professional, the deeply rooted stains, dirt, germs, bacteria, allergens and any other containment are pulled out of the fabric. Steam Green Carpet Cleaning uses high technologically engineered pieces of equipment and premium quality detergents that is only available to licensed professionals. Our cleaning is tough on filth, odors and stains, but still gentle enough to not damage or compromise the upholstery. On the open market, there are manufacturers that sell or rent downgraded versions, that claim to be as efficient as the professional quality, but like many things in various trades, it can clean more surface layers efficiently, but doesn’t have the power to do a meticulous cleaning in the deeper layers.
2. Improved Indoor Air Quality. As with anyone can attest to having severe allergies, or respiratory issues, improving the air quality is always a bonus. During the upholstery cleaning service, the dust, dust mites, pollen, pet hair or fur and other related allergens are removed from the upholstery. Once removed, these particles are not being agitated and cycled through the air before resettling, improving the indoor air quality you breathe and the overall cleanliness of your home.
3. Odor Removal. During the upholstery cleaning service, the deep rooted dirt, grit, and stains are extracted from the upholstery and inadvertently the present odors are also lifted. Even if upholstery hasn’t been spotted with food, beverages or pets, natural body oils can still funk up the upholstery, mucking it up with unpleasant odors. Removing the pungent odors will leave your upholstered furnishings fresh.
4. Aesthetics. When getting professional upholstery cleaning, the vibrancy and beauty is returned to the fabric. Not only are the stains removed, but the buildup of daily assailants are also cleared away, leaving behind freshly cleaned upholstery, to add to the detailed cleaned and spot free room. For as long as it can possibly last in a busy home at least.
5. Longevity. As with anything we invest in our homes and daily lives, a certain level of maintenance is needed to keep it from early retirement. A professionally upholstery cleaning is generally only recommended once a year, or more if needed by experts. Keeping up with your own daily maintenance, along with a professional touch, can not only enhance the freshness and cleanliness, but it can promote an extended life span.

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Our experts from Steam Green Carpet Cleaning have been masterfully trained, received years of experience, and possess the superior skills to provide you with the best upholstery cleaning service. Call us today to get started!

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