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We want our carpets to be free of stains, but that’s just not possible. Stains are inevitable-no matter how careful you are. The golden rule when it comes to carpet stains is, the longer you wait to get to a stain, the harder it will be to remove.

Tough Carpet Stain Removal

1. Kool-Aid. There’s nothing like a cold glass of Kool-Aid on a hot summer day-kids love the stuff! The problem with Kool-Aid is that artificially colored sugar water is a nightmare to get out of your carpet. The first step is to blot the stain as quickly as possible. Do not scrub. Scrubbing will force the stain further into the carpet fibers and may drive the stain into the padding underneath. Grab a plastic spray bottle and mix together ¼ cup white vinegar, 1 tbsp. liquid dish soap and fill the rest with water. Spray the area and let it soak for 5-10 minutes and then blot with a clean, dry towel until the stain disappears. If you still see the stain, repeat until it’s gone. You can also try using a stain remover that uses oxygen bubbles.
2. Coffee. Waiting too long to remove a coffee stain will leave a dirty, yellowish brown spot behind. The first step is to blot as much of coffee as you can and then try the Kool-Aid mixture. Make sure you rinse and repeat, if needed. There are products that are formulated for coffee stains that may be helpful. Just make sure you test it in a hidden area to see if it will damage the carpet.
3. Blood. Removing blood from carpet isn’t as hard as it seems, but you still need to act fast. Use cold water because hot water will cause the blood to coagulate. Mix two teaspoons of liquid, grease-fighting dish detergent with a full bottle of cold water. Spray the spot until the stain is submerged in the cleaning solution. Use a dry cloth to blot until all the blood has transferred to it. Rinse with cold water and repeat, if needed.
4. Ink. Ink can spread if it’s not cleaned properly. Just like the blood, act fast to get it clean. Use isopropyl alcohol and a clean cloth to dab the stain, the higher the alcohol percentage the better. Remember not to rub. Repeat, if needed, rinse, and blot again.
5. Pet Stains. We love our pets, but even the best trained pet will have accidents. Pick up any solid waste with gloves and use the blot method with a wet stain. Continue until it’s dry. If a stain is missed and has time to sit it will become dry. Moisten the spot with a cleaning solution formulated for pet stains to neutralize the odor. Do not use ammonia because it’s in dog urine and will encourage a repeat offense. Use a solution of half warm water and half white vinegar instead. Spray the area liberally, wait several minutes and start blotting until the stain is gone.

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These home remedies will be more effective when a stain is treated right away. If you need help with stains, contact Steam Green Carpet Cleaning!

Carpet beetles are small, sneaky pests that wreak havoc on our homes by chewing holes through carpets, clothing, and furniture. If you’ve ever noticed large holes in your carpet, or in clothing containing animal fibers (wool, leather, silk, furs etc.) then you may have carpet beetles and carpet beetle larvae in your home. Carpet beetle’s larvae tend to cause the most destruction, it’s not the adults. The larvae prefer hiding and feeding in dark, quiet places which can make it hard to notice them, until you find big holes in your favorite fur jacket that was stored for the summer. Carpet beetles are attracted to any organic matter they come across, plants, human hair and animal fibers are the perfect meal for them. The colorful flowers outside of our homes are a gateway for them to enter our residences. They enter our homes through open doors, windows, cracks or crevices. Black carpet beetles are commonly found in homes across the U.S. and are known to cause the most destruction of all carpet beetles. If you have carpet beetles in your home, don’t fret! They are easy to get rid of! Steam Green Carpet Cleaning will share some helpful tips on how to identify, remove and prevent carpet beetle infestations in your home!

1: Identify Where Carpet Beetles are Hiding

Closets, under and inside couches, insulation, walls, garages, seldom touched drawers, and storage boxes are ideal places you can find these destructive pests. Since they don’t want to be disturbed, they tend to hide in places that don’t see a lot of human activity. Finding a bunch of shed skins or fecal pellets in one area of your home is a strong indication that you have found the source of the infestation. This will make the removal process much easier.

2: Vacuum to Remove Carpet Beetles from Your Home

Vacuuming will be your best friend when it comes to removing carpet beetles from your home. Start in the area where the infestation was found, start from the top and work your way down. Vacuum every surface in the area to remove the beetles and larvae, along with the dead skins and any eggs that may be hiding. Using a vacuum that has headlights attached to it can aid in the removal by making it easier to see into the corners, since they like dark places this is likely where they will be hiding. Then move onto the other areas of your home. Upholstered furniture should also be thoroughly vacuumed inside and out. For the next week or so, you should be vacuuming your whole home several times a day, if this is not possible, at least one, very thorough vacuuming once a day should suffice.

3: Wash or Steam Clean All Linens & Fabrics

All fabrics that have not been stored in airtight containers will need to be washed in hot, soapy water. This means clothing, towels, bedding, throw blankets, down comforters and pillows etc. All fabric items that can not be thrown into the washing machine, such as area rugs, carpeting, furniture etc. should be steam cleaned. Steam will effectively kill any remaining eggs, larvae and beetles that the vacuum left behind.

Carpet Beetle Infestation Prevention

Regular housekeeping, such as daily vacuuming, weekly dusting and disinfecting, and washing clothing and linens weekly will aid greatly in preventing these pesky pests from entering your home. When storing clothing, be sure to wash everything first, place them into sealable bags, then place them into airtight containers before being stored away for periods of time.

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Steam Green Carpet Cleaning can help you identify the source of an infestation if you can’t find it on your own. We have the right tools for the job to help make this inconvenience you’re experiencing less of a burden. Our state of the art truck mounted steam cleaning equipment can cut your workload in half. Trust the pros to take care of your carpet beetle infestation. Give us a call today!

If you are trying to keep your house clean you need a routine to ensure that you get to each area on a regular basis. Most people will clean the bathrooms, laundry, dust and vacuum as ways to keep the house running smooth and looking good. If you are trying to also increase the quality of the air in the house you need to address some of the areas that usually carry allergens. One of those areas happens to be your bedroom and in particular the mattress. The bed and mattress act like a sponge that will hold onto the allergens that you leave behind especially when you sleep. This can be hair, skin, saliva, dust and dirt. When you leave these on the mattress the debris will start to settle in and overtime will increase the weight of the mattress. You want to make sure that you are having your mattress cleaned on a regular basis as well as upkeep. These are things that you can do in between the cleaning to prevent the buildup from happening again.

Steam Green Carpet Cleaning Lists Tips for How to Clean a Mattress with Urine Stains

Wash & Change the Sheets: A mistake that people make when trying to keep their mattress clean is they make their bed everyday but never take the sheets off. You might think that you only sleep there and you take a shower before bed so why do you need to take off the sheets and wash them. The problem is the same when you wear a shirt of dry off with a towel. You wouldn’t just keep wearing the same thing again and again without washing it the same goes for the sheets. They are a way to prevent debris from landing on your mattress. You need to make sure that you take them off on a regular basis and replace them with a clean set. You can purchase a second set so you can launder the ones on the bed without having to wait up for the dryer. This is a great way to protect your mattress.
Use a Mattress Cover: When you purchase a new mattress you set it up in your room and put the sheets on. The sheets are a line of defense but there is a primary way to keep your mattress clean. You can go to the store and purchase a cover that can be placed over the mattress. This can be taken off and sent through the laundry with the sheets. It is a great way to keep allergens and other debris off the mattress as well.
Vacuum Mattress: The vacuum is not strictly for the carpet in your house. There are settings on the vacuum that allow you to use it on your tile, hardwood and stairs. You can use the hose of the vacuum to run it across the bed as well. It is a great way to remove the debris from the mattress that may have gotten through the sheets and cover.

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Steam Green Carpet Cleaning is happy to come out to your house and clean the mattress as well as your floors and other fabric upholstery. Call us today for a free quote.

There are many different types of area rugs that you have to choose from as a homeowner. They each add their own flare depending on what design avenue you are going for. Each type of fiber or material that makes up your rug has benefits and should be cleaned and cared for slightly differently. Steam Green Carpet Cleaning is here to share the various different kinds of area rugs you have to choose from when trying to find that perfect rug for your home.

Wool Area Rugs

The softness and comfort that comes from a wool area rug is tough to beat. They are incredibly durable and long lasting. While they may cost more upfront, you may find that they last longer and you won’t have to replace them nearly as soon as other rug options. To care for wool rugs you should vacuum them regularly. If you experience spills, you are better off using dry extraction methods since scrubbing a wool rug isn’t a good idea and could cause damage.

Natural Fiber Rugs

Rugs made from natural fibers such as sisal and jute grasses are a great way to bring an organic feel into your space. These are flatweave rugs and should be cared for delicately. If you have accidental spills on a natural fiber rug, you are best off having it professionally cleaned using a dry extraction powder. These rugs are easy to damage and shouldn’t be tackled on your own.

Hide on Hair Rugs

Animal lovers may not be as fond of this rug, but many homeowners like the look of a hide on hair rug. They are constructed using the hide of a cow and a laser cutting technique to create pattern. These rugs should not be placed in high traffic areas as they can get damaged by regular wear and tear. They should be vacuumed regularly, but this should be done with the beater bar turned off.

Synthetic Rugs

Synthetic rugs make up most of the area rugs found in homes and businesses everywhere. They are cost efficient and fairly durable. They are very stain resistant and come in many colors and designs. They are made from a man-made material and are a great choice for any high traffic area. You should vacuum them on a regular basis and clean spills as soon as possible. You can spot clean when needed with a mild cleaning solution, but they should be cleaned professionally on an annual basis.

Oriental Rugs

These delicate rugs come in vibrant colors and designs. They are usually costly, but add an ornate touch to any décor. To care for these rugs, you should have the cleaned by a company that specializes in cleaning oriental rugs. If you clean them on your own, you can experience color bleeding and other damage to the rug.

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No matter what type of rug you have in your home, you need to have them professionally cleaned to maintain their beauty. The professionals at Steam Green Carpet Cleaning has the training to keep your area rugs beautiful. Call us today!

There are some things you need to do before you go to the dentist. Most people will take extra time to brush and floss in hopes that that last minute effort will help prevent any last minute troubles for you. When you go to have your car washed you make sure that you take out whatever personal belongings that might be in the way. The same goes for your carpets when you decide that you want to have them cleaned professionally. There is only so much that you can do to keep your carpets clean on your own. That is why it is important to have your carpets cleaned by a professional on a regular basis. They are able to get to the areas that may otherwise be too hard for you to clean. They are also able to treat spots and stains that you want to have removed but have possibly failed. When you are ready to have your carpets cleaned you want to make sure that the space is ready.

Steam Green Carpet Cleaning Offers How to Prepare for a Carpet Cleaning Service

Move What You Can Off of Carpet: One problem that people can make when they call for a carpet cleaning service is they are not taking advantage of the whole service that is available. You want to make sure that you are ready for them and that you move what you can off the carpeted area. Once you know what rooms you want to have cleaned you should do what you can to move any large pieces of furniture out of the way. This might be couches, chairs, shelves and tables that you can put in a different room until the work is complete. This is ensure that they are able to get as much of the surface areas as possible. There are some pieces that you may not be able to move but it is a good idea to get as much out as you can.
Mark Carpet Spots & Stains: It is a good idea to have your carpets cleaned by a professional on a regular basis. This is to avoid any major problems and it will stop stains from setting into the carpet. If you have not kept up with your carpet cleaning or it is your first time you want to mark areas that you know are a problem. This can be obvious items such as stains from spills or it can be areas that your pet has had too many accidents. It can even be areas that you are noticing a higher amount of foot traffic staining as well. You want to have the areas mapped out so that when the technician comes out they are able to treat the problem properly and with the right technique.
Thoroughly Vacuum Carpet: The other thing that is a great idea to take care of when you know that the carpet cleaners are coming is to run your vacuum. You want to remove as much of the debris from the carpet as you can. Running your vacuum is a great way to do that and will be a great help the carpet cleaning technician.

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Steam Green Carpet Cleaning can come and clean the carpets in your home and remove any stains that you are worried about. Call us today to make your appointment.

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We didnt have the funds to buy new carpet so we thought we would try them. They were able to get the pet smell out and they even were able to get oil paint from my 2 year old out of an upstairs bedroom carpet. Would use again.

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