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When you experience water damage in your home, you are left with quite the mess. If you knew there were some fail safe precautions you could take to keep your home protected from such damage, wouldn’t you want to take them? Steam Green Carpet Cleaning is here to share some tips that can help you protect your home from water damage and costly repairs.

Maintain & Understand Your Plumbing System

The plumbing system in your home is complex. If you don’t understand it, you may not know how to properly maintain it to avoid any water damage in your home. Here are some points that should always be inspected for signs of damage and repair.
• Appliances- Any appliances that use water to operate should be closely monitored for any sign of repair. There are hoses leading to these appliances that should be checked for any sign of leakage and damage. Over time, these hoses will get cracks and start leaking. You should replace them every 5-7 years.
• Inspect Bathrooms- Your shower and bathtub should be inspected for any cracks or areas where the caulking needs to be replaced. You want these areas to be water tight.
• Know Where the Main Shut Off Valve is- If you have a pipe that burst, causing a large amount of water, you will need to know where this valve is in the case it needs to be shut off.

Protect the Exterior of Your Home from Water Damage

If the exterior of your home isn’t rock solid, you could run into water problems when a large storm hits. Here are some areas that you should be aware of.
• Windows- Check the seal around your windows for any cracks and repair them so your windows are water tight.
• Roof- Your roof keeps your home safe from any of the storms that come your way. Check for any signs of wear or damage that needs to be replaced so you are ready when a big storm hits.
• Downspouts- Your downspouts should be clear of debris so they can move water away from your home like they are made to. If they aren’t working properly, water will run down your walls rather than the downspouts.
• Sprinkler System- Before using your sprinkling system for the first time in the season, check for any broken pipes that need replacing. Giving the entire system a thorough inspection may save you money in repairs later.

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Unfortunately, water damage is one of the most common and most costly types of home damage that homeowners face. The damage caused by water can be devastating, and most of it is avoidable with a little bit of maintenance and upkeep. If you are facing water damage in your home, it is important that you work quickly to get rid of the water and start the restoration process to avoid any mold growth. The experts at Steam Green Carpet Cleaning can assist you with any water damage restoration of your flooring today. Give us a call!

Have you ever walked through your living room and spied a chewed piece of gum stuck to your carpets? While the emotions flare up inside you and you question as to who would dare leave a sticky piece of gum on your clean carpets, your next thought will be how to remove the gum without damaging the carpet fibers. You can simply pull the gum out, but all too often the carpet pile comes with it. Steam Green Carpet Cleaning will share a few ways you can try to remove the gum off of your carpet without damaging it in the process.

How to Remove Gum from Carpet with Heat

One way you can remove gum is to involve a hair dryer. Turn the hair dry on and let the heat soften the gum to make it more pliable. Once the gum begins to soften and loosen up, use a plastic or paper bag and gently press on the gum. Don’t press down too hard because that will only push the gum deeper into the carpet. Use just enough pressure for the gum to stick to the plastic or paper but not where you push the gum deeper into the carpet. Lift the paper or plastic bag up slowly to make sure the gum is releasing from the carpet without pulling on the pile. The gum may remove away in sections you may need to repeat using the hair drier and lifting up the gum. Note: Some carpet pile types are sensitive to heat. If your carpet shows signs of melting, don’t use this method.

How to Remove Old Gum from Carpet with Ice Cubes

Another method to remove gum off of carpet is to use ice cubes. You can actually freeze the gum right off of carpet. If you want to avoid the hair drier method, try this one. Start by applying an ice cube or a bag of ice and cover the gum for 20 minutes or until the gum freezes. When gum freezes it becomes hardened. Once the gum has frozen, use a pick to break up the gum. Start by picking around the edges of the gum and pull away the pieces. Make sure that the gum doesn’t pull up the pile or carpet fibers. Go slowly. Using the ice should help remove most of the gum. Afterward, use a vacuum to remove the smaller particles. However, if some gum remains, apply a degreaser. This should loosen and remove the rest of the gum residue.

Carpet Cleaning Solutions

In the event the gum has been sitting on the carpet for a while, you may need to use a cleaning solution. You will want to use a dry cleaning or gel based solvent such as a grease, oil, or paint remover. These solvents work great on gum. Use a spoon or butter knife to scrape the gum off of the carpet. Don’t use anything with a sharpened edge or you can damage the carpet. Make sure after using a solvent or cleaner to rinse the area with water and baking soda mixed together to help dissolve and lift up any remaining cleaner.

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Steam Green Carpet Cleaning can help clean and revive your carpets. If it is time to give your carpets a deep professional cleaning, contact Steam Green Carpet Cleaning today.

Manufacturers and other industry leaders agree that commercial entities and residential homeowners need their carpets cleaned professionally in addition to routine maintenance to keep them in optimal condition, looking exceptional, and for their longevity. Homeowners should at the minimum invest in professional cleaning annually and commercial carpets should be professionally cleaned semi-annually; more so if needed for both applications. But in today’s fast paced lifestyles, the carpet’s professional cleaning is often neglected. Today, we at Steam Green Carpet Cleaning would like to offer some signs that your carpet is in need of professional deep carpet cleaning service.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Professional carpet cleaning is a detailed deep cleaning designed to extract dirt, debris, contaminants, allergens, and other debris, along with odors and stains from the fibers and deep below the surface. Diligent vacuuming helps prolong the need for professional cleaning, but over time, the soil and other such debris makes its way down to passed the carpet padding, expediting the deterioration.

Signs You Need Deep Steam Carpet Cleaning

Not only are granules a devastation on carpets in a number of ways, but so is the odors and stains that can occur from a variety of the circumstances. A lot of the odors and stains can be a challenge to remove without professional services. Aside from the stains blemishing your carpets, below are a few signs that your carpets are in need of professional cleaning.
1) Faded looking carpets. Carpets will begin to fade or look dingy because of direct sunlight shining in through windows, and daily foot traffic. Your carpets could use a professional deep cleaning, if the carpets are not quite as vibrant as they once were.
2) Pungent carpet. An incentive to request professional carpet cleaning is noticing foul smelling odors resonating from your carpets. Particularly, when you do not know the origins, the different kinds of odors, can be difficult to neutralize. It is only a matter of time before the odors emerge when the variety of beverages, food, pet accidents, household chemicals, and other such spills occur on the carpets. Professional deep carpet cleaning is most effective to remove smelly odors even when department store cleaners, DIY concoctions, and excessive vacuuming are not. Both stains and odors are efficiently resolved when any contaminate befalls your carpet with professional cleaning.
3) Increase with respiratory problems. Residual allergy symptoms including, runny noses, tearing eyes, sneezing, and difficulty breathing to you or family members can be the production of allergens building up on the carpet fibers. With the microscopic layer of allergens emitting from the carpets, those who have easily triggered allergies, asthma attacks, and other respiratory problems will be an indicator the carpets need professional cleaning. If the allergies last longer and symptoms increasingly evolve, a professional carpet cleaning can alleviate some of the issue.

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If any of these signs apply to you, or it has been more than 12 months since your last professional carpet cleaning, call Steam Green Carpet Cleaning today and schedule your carpet cleaning service. Your carpets will be refreshed and vibrant once again.

How often should carpet be cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning service? This is a common question that many professional carpet cleaners get asked. This is a really difficult question to answer. In order to answer this question, Steam Green Carpet Cleaning will need to explain the different variables that can dictate the correct answer. In general a good rule to follow is that to keep carpet clean and the indoor environment healthier, you will want to have your carpets professionally cleaned about every 12 months. However, this number can vary. Let’s begin by breaking down the different households.

How Often Should Carpets Be Steam Cleaned if You Have Children

Those with children can greatly increase the time in between carpet cleaning. Children and even adults of all ages will spill drinks, food, or other puzzling items. The more children in the home, the more you increase the amount of stains on the carpets. However, it’s just not the stains. It is also the discarded hair and dead skin. Both cause indoor allergens and dust mites. The more people inside the home, the more skin and hair we find inside the home. Larger families may want to have the carpets cleaned every six months versus the normal twelve. To keep your carpet clean and the indoor environment healthier, more frequent carpet cleanings is recommended.

How Often Should Your Carpets Be Professionally Cleaned if You Have Pets?

Another variable to consider is pets. Do you have a dog or cat or even multiple pets inside the home? Pets that don’t have accident still leave dander and hair that causes indoor pollutants and carpets absorb them all. Now, do you have cats or dogs or other pets that produced stains such as feces or urine on your carpet? Urine contains bacteria and protein. These produce bad odors. However, the odor is actually a warning sign. The bacteria release small particles that can cause different types of health problems. When these particles become born airborne and breathed in, they can cause headaches, allergies, and respiratory problems. If you’re a pet owner without kids, carpets should be cleaned about every six to eight months. For those with both kids and pets, your carpets could use a deep cleaning every four to six months.

Carpet Cleaning Frequency for Allergy Sufferers

Another consideration that can cause carpet to need more frequent cleaning is how much dirt gets into your home. If doors and widows have poor insulation, a lot of dirt and outdoor pollen can creep into your home, which is another factor. For those with allergies and who suffer inside their home, it is a strong indication that your carpet needs to be cleaned. However, by maintaining proper insulation and weather stripping around doors and windows, you can correct this problem.

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Carpets hold in dirt, mold, and pollutants inside its fibers. When dirt, hair, dead skin, pet dander or urine gets stuck inside the carpet, they can cause minor health problems. Stains become harder to remove the longer they stay in carpet. Stains and contaminants are major flaws in the carpet. However, by determining your home living environment, you can answer the question of how often your carpet should be professionally cleaned. When your carpets are ready to be professionally cleaned, contact Steam Green Carpet Cleaning and schedule your carpet cleaning today.

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We didnt have the funds to buy new carpet so we thought we would try them. They were able to get the pet smell out and they even were able to get oil paint from my 2 year old out of an upstairs bedroom carpet. Would use again.

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