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Every pet owner must always be ready for those accidents caused by our dear companions. These little accidents leave behind nasty stains and odors that can be tough to get out. Steam Green Carpet Cleaning is here to share a homemade cleaner and deodorizer to help maintain your home and its carpets from those accidents left behind by your pets. Additionally, we will walk you through the steps of proper cleaning methods when it comes to urine stains and odors.

How Do You Get Pet Stains Out of Carpet?

To properly clean pet stain and odors you don’t always need the expensive cleaners found at the market. Sometimes all it takes is some water, vinegar and baking soda. For severe stains you may need to take it up a notch and use some hydrogen peroxide. To begin cleaning pet stains you may also want to have some white paper towels or a white cloth and rubber gloves.
Step 1. When you first notice the stain, and if it is still wet, use a paper towel or cloth and soak up as much of the urine as possible.
Step 2. Next, mix together 1 cup of water with 1 cup of vinegar in a spray bottle. Then spray the cleaner deep into the carpet fiber. You want the vinegar to cover the urine you may need to work the mixture in with your finger tips or with a toothbrush.
Step 3. Once the mixture has had time to soak in, use paper towels or cloth and press down on the stain. Soak up as much of the fluid as possible. You may want to use a shop vac to help extract as much of the moisture as possible and let the area dry.
Step 4. Once the area has had time to dry, sprinkle baking soda on top of the stain and then vacuums it up.
Step 5. For tougher stains, pour the hydrogen peroxide on top of the stain followed then by baking soda. This will create a fizzing or bubbling which helps lift the urine out of the carpet. Give it a few minutes to work and then use paper towel to soak up most of the liquid.
Step 6. Vacuum up the area after the stain has had time to dry to restore the cleaned areas.

How to Make a Homemade Room Deodorizer

It really helps to freshen up a room that was victimized by your pet if you follow the cleaning with a deodorizer. Here is a great carpet recipe to make your own deodorizer. Mix together 3 cups of baking soda with 20 drops of your preferred essential oil. Some great examples are lavender, jasmine, or even vanilla. However, if you have a cat we urge you to use a citrus oil to prevent future accidents. Pour both contents into a bowl and use a fork to mix them together. Once the two are mixed together, put the powder into a jar with a sprinkle lid and lightly sprinkle the powder on the carpet. Make sure to sprinkle it lightly. Let the powder sit on the carpet for 30 minutes then vacuum it up and enjoy the fresh scent.

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When pet stains get out of control, it is best to contact the professionals. Steam Green Carpet Cleaning provides many services. We can help remove the toughest pet stains and restore your carpets. Contact Steam Green Carpet Cleaning to schedule your carpet cleaning today!

Area rugs are utilized in homes and businesses for practical, functional, and designing purposes. Though area rugs are a nice touch to any room, they can be a bit of a challenge to keep clean, which is why we at Steam Green Carpet Cleaning composed a basic area rug cleaning guide to help you in your efforts.

Tips for How to Clean an Area Rug

Below you will find a few quick tips to better care for your area rugs.
1) Larger rugs that are too big to be manipulated can be treated and cared for like wall-to-wall carpeting. Be sure to vacuum daily or as often as you can.
2) Smaller rugs should initially be taken outside shaken, beaten vigorously, and the vacuumed.
3) Vacuum both sides of the rug and be sure to clean under them when you vacuum the rugs.
4) Resist removing the labels and remind yourself the cleaning methods recommended by manufacturer printed on the tag.
5) The vacuum may struggle removing pet hair, use a stiff brush in the direction of the rug’s nap to get them embedded pet hair loose.
6) It is optimal to rotate your rugs every 6 months, or at least once a year to even at the wear from daily use as well as the fading caused by direct sunlight shining through the windows.
7) Annually, or as frequently as needed, your rugs, no matter their type, should receive a deep cleaning from a dependable professional.

Cleaning Methods for Specially Designed Area Rugs

Specially made rugs require specific cleaning techniques, below you will find the basic methods for common types of rugs.
Rush/Sisal Coir/Grass Area Rugs: These rugs are comprised from natural fibers and are woven in such a way that dirt and debris can sift through it easily, depositing on the primary floor. Not only should these rugs be vacuumed daily, or at least frequently, but the primary floor should be as well. Because these rugs are typically designed to be reversible, every time you vacuum, be sure to alternate sides to equalize the wear. When these rugs need a good surface cleaning, use soapy water and a soft brush to scrub them clean. Be sure they are placed somewhere they can be wet or at the very least, put a plastic drop sheet under it. Because they susceptible to damage when they are wet, it is important to expedite the drying process in any way you can.
Hair-on Hides/Fur/Sheepskin Area Rugs: Completely layer the rug with unscented talcum powder and let it sit for several hours. Thoroughly brush the talcum powder through the hair and then shake it well outside, repeat until the powder is removed. To clean the back of these rugs, which is prone to filthy films, use a cotton cloth dipped in lukewarm soapy water to wipe the surface clean and be sure to let it fully dry before putting the backside down.
Braided/Woven Area Rugs: If the label indicates the rug is machine washable; place the rug in either a pillow case with a zipper or mesh laundry bag. With the washing machine set to cold water and gentle cycle, allow the rug to wash and rinse, followed by a low tumble dry setting, your rug will be clean and ready to use. If it is not machine washable, follow manufacturer’s direction on cleaning.
Antique/Handmade/Hand-Knotted/Oriental Area Rugs: Only vacuum these rugs when it comes to maintenance; they are delicate. Pace a nylon screen on top of the rug or tie down some nylon mesh over the vacuum to protect the rug; change the mesh as needed. Professional cleaning is recommended at least once a year.

Area Rug Stain Removal

Below you will find basic remedies to common stains; like carpet they can be challenging. Never over saturate your rugs and blot dry in between application of cleaner as needed. Never use hot water to treat a stain and avoid scrubbing and rubbing motions, blot only.
Basic DIY cleaning solution: Mix 1 tsp liquid dish detergent with 2 parts warm water, and 1 part white vinegar in a squirt bottle.
Vomit or pet accidents: Utilize your preferred choice of either the DIY solution or a citrus-oxygen cleaner, and spray the affected area after you have blotted with paper towels to remove as much as the moisture as possible and removed the chunks. Blot with a light dampened cloth until stain is diminished. Follow with a damp cloth of pure water, and use a dry cloth to blot the area dry.
Drinks such as alcoholic beverages, soda, coffee, and tea: With the DIY cleaner, treat the liquid stain after blotting up excess moisture and ensure to lightly rinse with a damp cloth and dry thoroughly.
Gum or wax: Peel off what you can of the bulk. With the remaining gum or wax, place ice cubes in a plastic bag until it is melted to harden the gum. Once it is hard, scrape the gum or wax off with a spoon or dull knife. Vacuum the remnants and if there is any remaining residue, use a dry-solvent spot cleaner.
Fat-based stains: For gravy, butter, or margarine and other fat-based stains, use a dry-solvent spot carpet cleaner.
Paint: On oil-base paint, carefully sponge an odorless mineral spirits or a citrus-oxygen cleaner; be extremely careful not to soak through, rinse, and blot until dry. For acrylic and latex paint, you can try the DIY solution with the paint still wet. If after treatment a residue remains, use cotton balls that have had rubbing alcohol applied for removal.

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If you are having stubborn stains or the rugs are due for a cleaning, call Steam Green Carpet Cleaning and let our experts do the rest.

When you have carpets installed in your home it is a great day. The carpet looks amazing and feels great to walk on. The thing about carpets is that once they are installed in your home they are immediately getting dirty. The dirt comes from the air that is full of dust, dirt, hair and other particles. These will land on the carpet and will start to make the carpet look and feel dirty. Even if you don’t use the carpet they are getting dirty. Now add the fact that you are going to walk on the carpet, eat over the carpet and just live with the carpet. The chances that the carpet will get dirty quickly depends on the type of activity that happens in your home. No matter what you need to have good tips to keep them looking good so it will last.

Steam Green Carpet Cleaning Lists Great Tips to Keep Your Carpets Looking New

Run Vacuum Cleaner Over Carpet Regularly: One of the best things ever invented to take care of carpet were vacuums! When they first came out people didn’t want to use them because they didn’t think their carpet could possibly be messy enough for it! The interesting thing is that all carpets are dirty and need to be vacuumed. If the floors are left full of dirt and debris it can actually lead to damage. The carpet does not always have to look dirty for it to be dirty. The dirt will settle below the fibers and it can seem that they are still okay. You want to be sure that you use your good working vacuum on a regular basis. Many people will choose to vacuum every day but two or three times a week is usually enough to keep the dirt from building up. Vacuuming will also help when you have a spill to keep the dirt from mixing in with the liquid.
Choose Trusted Carpet Cleaners: When you go to the store looking for a cleaner to take care or spots and stains on your carpet you will have an eye full. There are tons of all options that will claim they are the best or that they can deep clean the area. The problem is that all too often these cleaners are able to remove some of the surrounding dirt but tends to not do much to the actual stain. This leaves a halo of cleanliness around the area where the cleaning was done. If you have a stain that needs to be removed it is best to use a tried method that is known to remove the stain or call in a professional. Some of the cleaners can also cause damage to the fibers that cannot be reversed.

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If you are concerned about keeping your carpets looking their best you want to use a professional carpet cleaner on a regular basis. We can treat for all kinds of stains, spills and pet odor that can lead to damage to your carpet. Contact Steam Green Carpet Cleaning today.

Homeowners are often protective of their property and investments. When it comes to the carpets, every step is taken diligently to ensure their vibrancy and longevity is preserved. The moment something makes contact with the carpets and a stain is produced; we immediately consult the all-knowing internet to help us find the most effective method to removing the stain. Unfortunately, there are some stains that even vinegar can’t win, but the longer a stain sits, the more difficult it can be to remove as well. Considering that, we at Steam Green Carpet Cleaning would like to account the stains that are more difficult to remove and requires a professional.

How to Get Rid of Old, Stubborn Carpet Stains

Coffee Stains: Among the stains that can be a challenge to remove, coffee stains are among the most obnoxious. Not only are these stains difficult to remove, but the pungency can be difficult to neutralize. When tending to the coffee stains at best, you can lighten it up to a yellowish-brown color, but the smell, especially if milk was added to the coffee can be offensive. To ensure the stain and odor is removed, professional services can guarantee effective results where consumer products fall short.
Blood Stains: Like the other assailants listed today, blood is among the hardest stains to remove without the possibility of inflicting damage. Hydrogen peroxide and other agents can effectively remove the stains at the price of permanently lightening the carpets. Blood seeps into the fibers and without the right composition of products, techniques, and expertise the carpets can be saved without ruining them in the process.
Marker & Ink Stains: When the ink pens or markers snap and it bleeds everywhere, the ink blots are not something that will entertain your psyche, but more or less these stains are more than nuisance and even fresh, are more than challenging to remove. Not to mention, if a small child got a hold of an ink pen or marker and turned your carpet into a canvass, restoring it back is near impossible. Professionals have extra strength detergents, equipment, and training to remove the toughest of the tough stains an can get the ink and mark blots off your carpet far more efficiently than any product you can conjure.
Pet Stains: Despite the love and appreciation you have for your pet, their accidents can be taxing. If you are able to attend to a fresh accident that is an isolated incident, with the right technique and product application you can have success at removing the unsightly stain as well as any attached odors. However, if the accidents frequently occur, and they have time to sit, the stains and odors reach deep into the fibers and into the carpet padding. Without the right extraction equipment and quality enzyme enriched cleaners, those stains and odors are near impossible to remove. Experts have the needed paraphernalia to effectively absolve the pet stains and neutralize the odors that are deep below the surface.
Red Wine & Juice Stains: Juice and wine are stains are another problem. The liquids often feature dye that can potently permanently stain the carpets. As they dry into the fibers, these stains become even more of a challenge at successful removing. With the specialists having the training, equipment and detergents, wine and fruit stains have a better chance at being removed.

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When you have any of these common stubborn stains, or others, call Steam Green Carpet Cleaning and let our experts clean an neutralize your carpets.

Are you sick of your old carpet? Do you want to update the look and feel of your home with something different? The three main flooring options are carpet, tile and hardwood floors. Of these three, hardwood floors are a great timeless option that no matter what style you choose it will look great for years to come. Hardwood is preferable because of the amount of options you have to choose from. You can use plank size, color and wood type just to name a few when perusing through the many options available to you. If you are interested in hardwood floors it is always best to consult a professional that has expertise in installation. There are some hardwood floor trends that may be great in your home while others may be just what you are looking for.

Steam Green Carpet Cleaning Lists Different Colors Of Hardwood Stain to Choose From

Light & Natural Hardwood Stained Floors: When you are looking to install a new hardwood floor in your home, one of the aspects that you need to consider is color. Although it is not the only aspect it certainly is an important one. The color that you choose will go from each room in the home and may change how you decorate the room. A light colored stain or a natural stain might be a great option for your home. One of the best parts about a light color is that the house and room that it is in will look brighter and in turn seem larger. The light will reflect easier off the light colored wood. Another added benefit is that the dust particles don’t show up as much as they do on a darker stained floor. When you choose natural wood stain you want to really love the wood you choose which is why a bamboo floor is a great option.
Dark Stained Hardwood Floors: If you have a room that lets in a lot of natural light and you want to have a more elegant look to the room you might want to choose a dark stained floor. Dark floors can be black as well as other darker wood stains that are in the red and brown family. This color option works well when you want to accent the house in lighter colors such as white and grey. It is also a more modern approach to hardwood floors but can make the room look small. Be sure that you have a large enough space when choosing this type of color for your home.
Grey Wood Stain: If you want to go with one of the more modern trends for hardwood floors then a grey stained hardwood is the way to go. The great thing about grey hardwood is that it is a neutral color and therefor it goes with many décor styles and types. It can be used in a more elegant setting or a fun room full of color. The grey stain can be dark or light depending on your preference.

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Steam Green Carpet Cleaning offers expert carpet cleaning, stain removal and more. Contact us today for all your floor and upholstered furniture cleaning and restoration.

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