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Who doesn’t have those beautiful aromatic candles that they can burn for a burst of aroma in their home. They are sold in many stores and they come in all sorts of colors and scents. The problem is that many people will forget that they are burning and maybe allow them to go for too long. This can cause wet wax to start to fill up the jar. This is okay and the wax will dry but it can spill in the carpet when someone bumps the jar or if you blow out the candle too hard. There are other ways that candle wax can get on your carpets like a long winded birthday song. Whatever happens to cause the wax to spill on the carpet, you need to ensure that you use the correct method to clean it off. If you use a standard carpet stain removal method it could potentially cause the problem to get worse. Wax is its very own type of spot that has a specific method to clean it off.

Steam Green Carpet Cleaning Lists Steps to Take to Clean Wax Off Your Carpet or Rug

Scrape Wax from Carpet: Using a credit card to begin this process does not mean that you are headed to the store to purchase some magic kit! Don’t take the credit card out to the store but rather use the stiffness of the card to help get the excess wax off. This is a great step to take to make sure that the wax is not able to spread any further. The card is the perfect material to use to scrape away the parts of the wax that you can. You need to be sure you are careful so you don’t damage the carpet fibers while in the process.
Use Blow Dryer to Remove Wax from Carpet: Now that the excess has been removed you want to work on the rest of the spot. The problem that you have with wax is that the wax goes from a solid and when heated it turns into liquid. When you spill the wet wax it will not stay in the liquid form. The wax will quickly turn back to a solid as the cooler air hits it. That is why you need to use heat again to get the wax back to the liquid form. You also need to have a brown paper sack ready to use to soak up the wax. Start by laying the brown paper sack on the area that has the wax. Then you use the blow dryer and heat the area with the blow dryer. Then when you lift the sack the wax will have transferred to the sack and off the carpet fibers. You may need to reapply this method several times to get the entire was spot off.

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If you are concerned about any spots or stains on your carpet it is always best to use a professional carpet cleaning service. Contact Steam Green Carpet Cleaning for all your floor and upholstery cleaning and restoration needs!

Has a room with carpet in your house just undergone a fresh paint job? Sometimes, after you finish cleaning up after a painting project, you realize that some paint dropped onto your carpet and therefore, the cleaning is not yet finished. Each type of paint has its own remedy when it comes to cleaning the paint stains out of your carpet. Steam Green Carpet Cleaning will share how to clean each type of paint out of your carpet.

How to Clean & Remove Water Based Paint Carpet Stains

If the paint is still wet, you’re in luck. It is much easier to clean paint when it is still wet. If the paint is wet, grab a paper towel and dampen it. Begin by blotting; avoid scrubbing at the paint because you will just spread the paint making the stain worse. If the paint had dried start cleaning the stain by using hot water mixed with liquid dish soap. Pour the solution onto the stain to help the paint resoften. When paint has softened use a butter knife to scrape the paint off of the carpet. You may need to add more of the hot soapy water to help remove the paint in sections. The soap should help remove the stain from the carpet once the majority of the paint has been scraped off the carpet. Use a vacuum to suck up any paint chips to prevent spreading the paint.

How to Get Dry Latex Paint Stains Out of Carpet

Again, if you get to the paint while it is wet, first blot at the wet paint with a dry paper towel to soak up as much of the paint as possible. Make sure to blot at the paint gently. Then mix together lukewarm water with liquid dish soap and make sure the mixture is mildly soapy. With a white cloth dip it into the soapy mixture and work on the outside edges of the stain and gently blot, working your way inwards. This is an important technique to prevent the paint form running outward and making the stain bigger and deeper. After cleaning the stain, allow it to dry. Once the carpet is dry vacuum the area thoroughly.

How to Clean & Remove Oil Based Paint from Carpet

Oil base paint dries really quickly. In most cases the paint is already dry when the stain is discovered. If the paint is dry, get a steamer and use it to soften the paint. You will want to apply the steam directly onto the stain or paint. Use a pen to help break up the paint as it begins to soften. Vacuum up the removed chunks of paint; make sure to use the hose of the vacuum. Using warm water and liquid dish soap and blot at the stain with a white cloth. Again, work on the edges of the stain and work your way inward towards the center of the stain.

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After you’re done with your painting project, check your floor for any paint. It is best to clean up after paint while the paint is still wet. If it is time for your carpets to have a professional deep cleaning, contact Steam Green Carpet Cleaning today.

Taking care of your tile and grout is important to keep up the aesthetics, overall condition, and increase the longevity of your hard flooring. But included in your individual maintenance, professional tile and grout cleaning are important. While we know consumers have many questions concerning the professional side of tile and grout cleaning, we at Steam Green Carpet Cleaning have compiled a list of the most common frequently asked question and answered for your convenience.

Tile & Grout Cleaning FAQ

Q: How do professionals clean grout and tile?
Equipped with quality cleaning agents and high-end equipment that are designed to remove the mineral deposits, soap scum, debris, and dirt, as well as the microbes that include mildew and mold your tile and especially grout is left clean and pristine. As professionals are armed to effectively loosen the deep rooted filth and extract it all quickly and efficiently.
Q: How frequently should I schedule professional tile and grout cleaning?
The frequency is indicated by a few contributing factors that include; number of children, pets, and other occupants, the care of owners regular maintenance, as well as the sealants durability. Heavy used areas should be professionally cleaned every 6 months, less used tile and grout should be cleaned at least once a year.
Q: What is the average time of professionally cleaning and sealing service?
In an average size room, up to 250 square feet, it takes between 45-90 minutes to complete the service. However, depending on the additional circumstances it can take up to 3 hours and such circumstances room configuration, buildup, number of grout lines, size of the tile, as well as if a sealant application is performed.
Q: Why is professional tile and grout cleaning essential?
Grout is very porous naturally and retains a lot of dirt, debris and moisture, which can lead to mildew and mold. Tile, especially if the tile is scratched and scuffed, easily accumulates dirt and debris once the sealant has dissolved. Tile and grout and just like carpets, even with daily maintenance, over time the deeply rooted debris needs to be removed with professional quality equipment and products. Dingy grout and dull tile are rejuvenated and left shiny after a professional cleaning; not only improving the aesthetics, but preserving the condition as well.
Q: Do I really need to seal the tile and grout?
Grout needs a barrier in order to avoid excessive dirt and sealants are designed to give you the advantage in cleaning spills. Additionally the sealant will allow daily dirt extraction easier and before the majority has an opportunity to penetrate deeply below surface.
Q: How soon can I walk on the tile after professional cleaning and/or sealing?
It takes 24 hours for the sealant to cure; as a result, we recommend waiting over 24 hours before allowing any liquids to make contact. However, you should wait at least 3 hours before walking on it.
Q: What should I use to clean my tile and grout in between services?
To extend the sealant avoid harsh abrasive and acid cleaners, especially such chemicals as bleach. Stick with a small quantity of liquid dish detergent and water in an effort to avoid breaking down the sealant.

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Steam Green Carpet Cleaning can get your tile and grout vibrant and clean quickly and efficiently. Contact us to schedule your next appointment today!

There is nothing worse than when you have a stain on your carpet. The stain can make the room look bad and the house seem dirty. There are lots of stains that are hard to get out of your carpet but one that is quite common is Kool aid. Kool aid is a sugary drink that you make in a pitcher at home. The juice can then be poured into a glass or cup to drink. Although it is not a great healthy choice for kids they sure do love it and lots of parents offer it up. The juice is usually a bright vibrant color that will cause a stain to occur quite quickly. The problem is that the spill can happen fast and before you know it your toddler has dropped the full cup on the ground. You want to be able to clean the stain before it sets in and doing that will require you to have the right steps necessary.

Steam Green Carpet Cleaning Outlines the Steps You Should Take When Someone Spills Kool Aid On Your Carpet

Quick Carpet Stain Removal: The first step that you need to take when cleaning a spill from Kool aid is to get to the spot as quick as you can. This is really true for any spill. The longer that any substance is allowed to sit on the carpet the more it will soak into the fibers. This will make it much more difficult to remove from the carpet. If you see the spill happen you want to jump right into working on it or as soon as you notice it. Grab a clean cloth that you use for cleaning your carpets. White is a great rag to use and dab at the area of the spill. Dabbing is best because it will prevent the spill from getting any larger and spreading out. The excess moisture is removed during the dabbing process where you place pressure down the spot. You may need to use more than one rag to get the moisture out.
Soak it With Carpet Cleaner: The next step is to get a cleaner that will work on your carpets. There are lots of options at the store that you can pick up but they could damage your carpets. The better option is if you make your own cleaner using supplies that you can find around your home. Start with a standard spray bottle which is a great place to make the cleaner and store it for later use. Then add a tablespoon of dish soap and fill the remaining bottle with warm water. You want to soak the area and allow it to sit on the spot for about 10 minutes. Then use the same procedure of downward pressure with a clean rag. You can repeat this process several times if it is necessary.

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Once you have cleaned the stain from your carpet you can schedule professional carpet cleaning services. Steam Green Carpet Cleaning offers expert cleaning and restoration services. Contact us to schedule your next appointment.

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We didnt have the funds to buy new carpet so we thought we would try them. They were able to get the pet smell out and they even were able to get oil paint from my 2 year old out of an upstairs bedroom carpet. Would use again.

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