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It may seem silly to say but many people think they are cleaning their tile and grout but could actually be causing damage. Most people want their tile and grout clean but the process to actually do it well is so labor intensive. You are going to be on your hands and knees moving in small sections at a time to clean the grout to get it really clean. The grout is there as part of the look of the tile floor but it has a more important purpose as well. The grout is there to seal the gaps between each piece of tile to help keep them in place. The grout also protects the tile so that moisture is not able to get up under the tile. When moisture is able to get under the tile it can cause mold and mildew as well as eat away at the adhesive. The best thing you can do for your tile and grout is to have them cleaned properly. You can hire a professional company that is able to use their expertise as well as their equipment.

Steam Green Carpet Cleaning Lists Cleaning Products NOT to Use On Tile & Grout

Don’t Use Dish Soap To Clean Your Tile & Grout: When you use dish soap to clean your tile and grout it is going to clean the tile but the problem is that the dish soap is hard to remove. The soap will leave residue behind and that is a problem. The residue is a huge draw for dirt and debris that can bring start to collect quickly. The tile will become dirty fast and that will build up on the grout as well. The grout that is carrying around dirt can start to break down. When it starts to break down it can become loose and break away from the tile. The old way of cleaning tile with a big bucket of warm water and some dish soap is a thing of the past. It is no longer the best way to ensure that your tile and grout is clean.
Do Not Use Bleach To Clean Your Tile: Bleach is a great disinfectant and a great way to clean many items. A main way that bleach is used to whiten clothes. You can also dilute the bleach with water to use as a cleaner for bathrooms. When you try to use bleach on your tile and grout you are sure to cause damage. The bleach is a chemical that is quite harsh and will very quickly begin to break down the grout causing it to become soft. It can start to lift away and over some time it will leave the space between the tile exposed. Be sure to keep the bleach in the laundry room.
Don’t Use Acid When Cleaning Tile: Not many people have a bucket of acid and decide to clean with it. Although you would not using it on purpose you may be using it by accident. When you go to the store to buy a cleaner you need to be cautious of the ingredients. Any acid in the cleaner will work fast to destroy the grout. It is terrible for the tile as well because it will pull the shine off the top of the tile and you may end up replacing your tile floors sooner than necessary.

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Do you want to have nice clean carpets? Do you want your carpets to last the amount of time that is recommended? Most people will answer yes to these questions because a nice clean carpet and flooring is a great step towards having a clean home. The flooring is clean the rest of the room will not seem as messy. The more stains, dirt and debris that is left to fester on the carpets the more that becomes the focal point. No one wants people or guests to walk in and notice the bad part of the house but a dirty carpet is too big to hide. Carpets are an amazing option for homes that have small kids or homes that want that soft and cozy feeling. They do require some work to keep them clean such as vacuuming on a regular basis. You also need to make sure that the carpets are cleaned professionally on a regular basis as well. This is where some major misconceptions stem from.

Steam Green Carpet Cleaning Lists Common Misconceptions About Carpet Cleaning That Could Be Damaging Them

If The Carpet Does Not Look Dirty You Don’t Need Professional Carpet Cleaning: There is a serious misconception that people have when it comes to how dirty the carpets “look”. The problem with using just your sight to check for dirt and debris is that you can’t see the microscopic skin flakes, dust particles and fine sunk in dirt that is just soaking into the carpet fibers. The amount of debris that is in the air will eventually end up on the carpets. When you allow these pieces to sit on the floors it will be ground in while your family walks across the rug. Even if the carpets don’t have large visible signs of dirt does not mean at all that they are clean. You need to make sure that you have your carpets cleaned on a regular basis by a professional. If you want to save your carpet fibers from damage be sure that you schedule your carpet cleaning.
You Can Clean Your Own Carpets: If you go look at a home improvement store you are likely to see a kiosk that offers carpet cleaning equipment for rent. They get you by telling you that the machine works just like a professional. The problem is that the machine that you will rent does not have the amount of power or suction that professional truck mounted equipment does. Even if the machine that you can rent seems to work okay you could be over soaking your carpets. If you leave too much moisture on the carpet it can lead to mold and mildew growth. A professional will be able to remove the excess water and have you walking on the carpet in less time.

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If you want to feel confident about the cleanliness of the carpets it is best to hire a professional. We are able to get deep in the carpet fibers as well as the backing to remove hard to treat stains and general dirt to leave your carpets looking their best. Steam Green Carpet Cleaning can meet all your floor and upholstery cleaning needs!

The carpet in your home is one of the most important accessories. It can enhance the style and elegance of any room or even bring it down. Carpets will eventually meet disaster at some point. Stains being caused by food or beverages, pets, daily use, household chemicals and products, grass, and other such circumstances can mar the beauty, dingy up the carpet, resulting in a poor presentation of the room they feature in. Where instinct would have many on all fours trying to remove the stains, there are some products that should not be involved. Today, we at Steam Green Carpet Cleaning would like to clarify the cleaning products that should be avoided when extracting carpet stains.

What Carpet Cleaner Products & Solutions Should I Not Use?

– Do not overlook knowing what type of carpet fibers were used to construct your carpet. Some materials cannot be cleaned with specific chemical agents. To avoid any further damage to your carpet, know what is safe and effective to use to remove stains.
– Do not use hot water for treating stains. Similar to treating laundry stains, hot water or implements will more frequently cause the stain to set in. If that happens, stains can be next to impossible to remove. There could be a few exceptions however. For example, one method to remove wax is by placing a hot iron over paper to draw the wax up, but even in this technique, extreme temperatures are not recommended.
– Do not skip the patch test procedure. No matter if you prefer a department store’s carpet stain cleaning product, or favor the home remedy concoctions, some carpet fibers and chemical agents cannot come into contact. The wrong ingredient can break down the fibers and ruin the composition, where others could lighten the color of your carpet, making the carpets look unattractive.
– Do not scrub or rub. Natural impulse often encourages people to apply high volumes of pressure while they scrub or rub stains vigorously. It is important you resist that urge. Rubbing and scrubbing will simply make the stain worse by spreading out and down into the fibers. Instead use moderate pressure to blot the stain, working the outer edges towards the center to control the stain and remove it easier.
– Do not neglect the stain. Whenever possible, do not let the stain fester. The longer a stain has to set, the more difficult it will be to remove. Tending to the stain as soon as is it happens can save you a lot of aggravation.
– Do not use printed or dyed implements. The dye and prints found on paper towels, rags, cloths, and towels could potentially be transferred onto the carpet while trying to work at removing the stain. Instead of using the dyed fabrics, have designated paper towels and rags, cloths, and towels that are plain and white that are used for treating carpet stains.

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If you have stubborn carpet stains that need removal, contact Steam Green Carpet Cleaning today and let our experts effectively and efficiently remove the stains.

Over time it’s easy for dust and dirt to accumulate on your carpet and running a vacuum over it every now and then is just not enough to keep carpets clean. When the dust and dirt get stepped on repeatedly, it gets pushed into the carpet fibers. This breaks the fibers down and can force you to change your carpets before you were planning to, costing you money. Dirty carpets make your carpets unsanitary and smelly too. And that isn’t good for business.

Causes of Dirty Carpets; Dust Dirt, Food Spills, Mold, Chemicals, Skin Flakes, Bugs & More!

Debris like dust & dirt. If it gets stuck in your shoes, it will end up in the carpets. This is why you should wipe your feet before coming in. Any given home in the United States can accumulate up to 40 lbs. of dust each year and this number can increase in office settings. Only 85% of it is removed with vacuuming, so you’ll need to take further steps to remove it.
Food and drink spills & stains. Having employees that eat at their desks makes stains and spills more likely. They make your carpets look bad, stink and can lead to the growth of bacteria if they’re not taken care of properly.
Mildew, mold & germs. It’s much harder to tell if your carpet has mold unlike with food because it’s pretty much invisible in carpets. Mildew, mold, salmonella, E. coli, staphylococcus, norovirus and others could be festering without you knowing. Mildew and mold under carpets forms with the warm, wet environment. Pathogens like the norovirus can survive in carpets for more than a month if left dirty. Your carpets need to be cleaned and dried the right way to prevent this.
Chemicals. Chemicals can be tracked into your home on your shoes. Oils from cars, lawn treatment sprays, pest control sprays can all be brought on to the carpet.
Skin flakes. When you hear that the average person sheds about 1 million skin flakes each day, it’s gross, and most of it ends up in the carpet.
Fleas, dust mites, carpet beetles & other pests. Your carpets are home to microscopic bugs like fleas and dust mites that feed on the skin flakes and dander you’re losing every day. The dust mites can lead to allergies through their molted skin and waste. It’s more important to keep your carpets clean all year and more so during allergy season.

Flu Season and Carpets

Many office workers are suffering from the flu this time of year. Most people recover from the flu in a few days but some can experience complications that can become life threatening and the virus will keep repeating itself if it remains in your carpets. It’s important to break the cycle. Outbreaks of the flu can start as early as October and continue into May. Your carpet acts like an air filter to keep it clean and is important in keeping the health and air quality clean inside your office. If you’ve had a recent outbreak in your office, wait for it to pass through and have your carpets cleaned immediately afterwards.

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The appearance of your carpets can say a lot about your business! Vacuuming is an important first step but it’s not enough to fully protect from all of the above. Professional carpet cleaning is very powerful and the equipment used can remove 99% of germs lurking in your carpets. Have your carpets cleaned professionally each year to remove dirt and stains, prevent allergies and sickness, remove pests and keep your carpet looking its best for longer. Contact Steam Green Carpeting Cleaning today!

When you have a loved one that is oh so fun to prank, that carpet that builds up static can be a fun weapon to lightly shock your unsuspecting victim and it works in a pinch when you don’t have the time for something more elaborate. But sometimes that static buildup can backfire and become a real nuisance.

How is Static Electricity Created?

Static electricity is the product of unequal positive and negative charge between two objects. While static electricity may seem unavoidable and a part of daily life, especially during the dry winter months, there are some simple ways of eliminating static electricity buildup. Once you understand how static electricity is created and transferred, the steps you can take to reduce the initial static electricity, is a lot easier to control, which reduces the electric shocks every time you touch something.

How to Get Rid of Static Electricity Shock

1. Humidifiers. When the air is particularly dry, the static electricity is increasingly active. During the winter months, most folks heat their homes to keep warm, which reduces the humidity in the air. If you increase the humidity in your home or business, the moisture in the air will contribute to reduce static charge from building up. Adorning your home with living plants will naturally add humidity to the air. If you are in a bind, you can create a DIY humidifier by boiling water on your stove. For a bonus; add cinnamon or citrus rinds to create pleasant fragrances in your home.
2. Treat your skin. Your dry skin contributes to the static shock when walking across your carpet. Keeping your skin well moisturized will contribute to cutting down the static shock that accumulates from your carpets. Generously rub some lotion into your skin following a shower, and be sure to re-lube throughout the day as often as needed.
3. Treat your clothes. For a basic load of laundry, add ¼ cup of baking soda at the beginning of your wash cycle. In an effort to control the static shock, the baking soda will create a barrier between the positive and negative charges from accumulating and creating the static. As a bonus the baking soda will soften the water as well as the fabric. If your laundry load varies, the amount of baking soda will differ. Larger loads, increase the baking soda to ½ cups, small loads will do well with 1 or 2 TBS of baking soda.
4. Treating upholstery. Your upholstery can be treated with the use of a dryer sheet. Dryer sheets can reduce the static buildup on the surfaces by neutralizing the electric charge. Simply rub a dryer sheet on the surfaces of your upholstery.
5. Anti-Static Carpet Treatment. Carpets are the prime suspect when getting electrocuted by static buildup. In an effort to help treat rugs and carpets, many carpet retailers will offer spray-on treatments. Some carpets now these days can be custom made with an anti-static component. With your anti-static spray, lightly mist the surface of your carpets and rugs. Be sure the carpet and rugs are completely dry before you start traversing on top of them. These sprays significantly decrease the amount of static electricity building up on your carpet.

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For any deep cleaning for your rugs, carpet, and upholstery contact Steam Green Carpet Cleaning today and we will do the rest!

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We didnt have the funds to buy new carpet so we thought we would try them. They were able to get the pet smell out and they even were able to get oil paint from my 2 year old out of an upstairs bedroom carpet. Would use again.

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