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We are at the time of the year that the weather starts to change and the temperature starts to drop. This is a great time of year to open up the doors and the windows to let in some fresh air and turn off the AC! When the doors are opened up that means that there will be more dirt and dust coming in too! Now that you are ready to give the air conditioning unit a break before you turn on the heater you can have the system cleaned which should include cleaning the air ducts. The first line of defense in keeping the air ducts clean is to change out the filters on the unit on a regular basis. Although this is a great way to keep out some of the dust and debris it is not going to keep it all out. That is why the services available and with the seasons about to change this is the best time of year to have it done.

Steam Green Carpet Cleaning List Reasons to Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned This Fall Season

Eliminate Burnt Odors from Dirty HVAC Systems: The time of the year is here when you click off the AC and get ready to get the heater fired up. The heater is used all winter long and many people will start to use it in the fall as well. The weather will start to cool down fairly fast and you want to be ready. When you click on your heater most people can smell a burning smell the first day that can be alarming for the family. The burning smell is from the buildup of dust on the coils as well as in the duct work. If you want to skip that terrifying smell call a professional that offers air duct cleaning to come out and remove the left over dust and debris that can be built up over the rest of the year.
How to Get Rid of Indoor Allergens in Your Home: All the dust and debris that is in the air ducts are a huge factor for allergy sufferers. There are dust and allergens that are built up in the air duct such as pet dander, hair, skin flakes, pests and dust all of which can act as a catalyst for people that suffer from allergies. When you have the air ducts cleaned professionally you can get all the particles in the air duct cleaned out before the allergies in your home get out of hand. When the weather cools off you are most often going to be spending more time in the home and that is the reason to have the air ducts cleaned in the fall.
Increase Air Conditioner Efficiency: One of the biggest draws in a home’s energy usage is the HVAC unit. It needs to draw energy to cool or heat your entire home and to maintain that temperature all day and night. One of the biggest ways to lose efficiency is when the air ducts are blocked due to debris. The air cannot get to the room due to the blockage and that means that it needs to cool or heat the air more to get the temperature that you want.

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Having your faithful canine companion becoming infected with parvo can be a hard and stressful time. You will worry for their life and health for many days as they battle the parvo virus. Once your dog has been diagnosed with parvo, they will need constant care by the veterinarian for the next couple of days. While you wait for them to recover, you’ll want to disinfect your home and yard so that they do not contract the virus all over again. Steam Green Carpet Cleaning will help you with this process and especially with your carpets.

Parvo Virus in Puppies & Dogs; Where Does it Come From?

Parvo is a rather deadly virus that can only be caught by canines. The virus will become the most effective during the cold seasons. Parvo will live in hard cold surfaces the longest but can be found anywhere. It is spread through other infected dogs that carry this virus, mostly through their feces and some believe even their saliva. If a healthy dog steps on or comes in contact with the virus in any way, your dog will contract the virus. The symptoms of parvo are a lack of energy, and disinterest in eating or drinking. This is followed by nausea, vomiting and diarrhea which will sometimes contain blood. Once your dog becomes infected with the parvo virus you can consider your home, both in and outside, a hot spot for the parvo virus. This is why you will need to completely disinfect your home.

Parvo Cleaning & Disinfecting Protocol

Disinfecting your home is no easy task. Outdoors and hard surfaces like floors can be cleaned with simple bleach. You can dilute the water in a 10 to 1 ratio and use a spray bottle or mop for those harder surfaces. You can use a plastic tank sprayer for outdoors. Be thorough, the diluted bleach won’t harm your grasses and plants. The virus is the strongest in outside environments. However bleaching your carpets isn’t always an option unless you want bleach stains on your carpet. Removing the parvo virus form carpet can be the most difficult. The virus can soak deep into the carpet fibers especially if there was a diarrhea accident. You will find that cleaning your carpet will be the most difficult task when disinfecting your home.

How to Get Rid of Parvo in Carpet

We recommend you use a carpet steamer for this task. Begin by using hot water in the steamer and go over the entire carpeted area. This will clean up the surface layer of your carpet. If present, you will next want to clean up any diarrhea or vomit stains. You can use a commercial grade pet stain remover. We have found that those commercial pet stain cleaners don’t always remove the stain completely. Most pet stain cleaners aren’t designed to remove blood from carpet that can be found in diarrhea caused by parvo. So if you find this is the case, then use a homemade mixture of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. This will lift the blood stain out of the carpet. Use hot water in the steamer to help clean up the stains. After the stains have been cleaned, you will want to disinfect your carpet from the parvo virus. Look for a pet-safe disinfectant that is labeled and approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that kills the Parvo Virus. One on the market is Tek-Trol Disinfectant Cleaner. Put the disinfectant into the steamer and go over the entire carpeted area. Make sure to go over the carpet thoroughly. Read the label of the disinfectant cleaner, some may require a dilution with water and require a specific soaking time. Some may even ask you to re wash carpet with hot water. Each will vary.

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Now that your home is disinfected, you can bring your recovered canine home. We hope that we have helped you with this difficult task. We at Steam Green Carpet Cleaning would like to wish your canine companion a speedy recovery. If you require any floor or upholstery cleaning or restoration services, we are here to be of service to you. Contact us today!

Everyone wants to keep their home clean and their carpets and floors looking their best. There are a lot of ways to do that and one of them is to run the vacuum on the carpets and sweep and mop the floor. Another thing that you need to do is to treat your carpet for any spills and stains that you end up there. Whether you have only a few people or lots of people living in your home, you are sure to have stains and spills that need to be dealt with. You may also have pets that are in the home that can have an occasional accident that will need to have attention as well. You don’t want to let the spill sit on the carpet too long so you need to know the best way to treat it.

Steam Green Carpet Cleaning Lists Some Tips On Treating a Spot, Spill Or Stain On Your Carpet

Start Stain Removal Right Away: When you have any kind of spill from red juice to even water you want to treat the spill as soon as possible. The longer any spill is left to sit, the harder in the end it will be to remove. The carpet is only one part of the flooring and each piece of carpet is made up of fibers that can soak in spills. Then there is padding that is under that and it can get soaked and hold in the stain; and even worse than that, the odor. The faster you can get to the spill the better and easier it will be to get the stain or spill out completely.
What is the Carpet Stain: The next thing you really need to know is what in the world is the stain. The type of the stain will help to determine what needs to be done to remove and treat it. If you are treating something such as gum you need to treat it a very specific way, whereas if you are treating a red juice spill, the treatment will be different. If you are not sure what you are dealing with you need to ask around or look for the source so you can be sure you know how best to treat it.
Remove the Excess Liquid or Solid Carpet Spill: Once you know what type of spill you have and you are ready to work on it, you need to start with removing the excess. You can dab away any of the extra liquid that is from a spill or the solid pieces that are from something such as vomit or feces. The most important part of the cleanup process is that you never rub the spot at all. You want to dab or pick up what you can since rubbing can cause the spot or stain to get larger and deeper set in.
Call a Professional Carpet Cleaning Company: After you have done all that you can to prepare the area to be cleaned it is always best to call a professional carpet cleaning company out. We can come and pre-treat the spot, thoroughly clean it and make sure that the correct cleaning products are used.

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When you have new carpets installed in your home they are perfect, and nice and clean. The battle starts immediately to keep the carpets looking their very best. As soon as everyday life begins after the installer leaves, the carpets are immediately going to take on dirt and debris and they will begin to look dirty. Most people pay good money to have carpets installed in their home and they want them to look good. There is a lot that actually goes into the care of your carpets and as long as you have a plan and you follow it, your carpets can stay looking good and lasting the amount of time they are intended to last.

Steam Green Carpet Cleaning Lists the Steps You Should Take to Keep Your Carpets Clean

Vacuum On A Regular Basis: The best thing you can do right from the start is to run your vacuum on a regular basis. For most people with an active household that means it needs to be done each day. This is a great way to get any dirt from the day that has been dragged into the house and on the carpet. It will result in picking up the dust that is naturally found in the air that lands on the carpet. It may not seem like much but left to build up over time, it can end up as a serious amount of dirt. Be sure that you have a good working vacuum and if you are concerned that it is not working well you should get a newer model. The vacuuming will remove all the surface level dirt and that will leave the carpets looking better and help stop the dirt from getting ground in.
Treat Carpet Spills & Stains Right Away: If you have something that has been spilled such as juice, coffee, tea or gum, candy or even pet urine, you need to get to it as soon as possible to treat it. The longer the stain or spill is allowed to sit on the carpet, the harder it is going to be to remove it. Even people that are extremely careful around their carpets are going to end up with a spill as some point. You want to be sure that you have a plan to treat the stain no matter what it is. Each stain can be treated many different ways depending on what it is so you need to be ready for anything. You can use several techniques to treat the stains but just be sure that you take time to spot check the carpet to make sure that the carpet is able to take the cleaning product that you are going to use.
Hire A Professional Carpet Cleaner: The last and really the most important part of caring for your carpets is to have them cleaned professionally on a regular basis. The carpet cleaning company will be able to come out and clean the entire carpeted area as well as spot treat for any areas that may need it such as stains and high traffic areas.

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We didnt have the funds to buy new carpet so we thought we would try them. They were able to get the pet smell out and they even were able to get oil paint from my 2 year old out of an upstairs bedroom carpet. Would use again.

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