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After a long day the last thing you want to do is crawl into a mattress that may be teaming with dust mites. Dust mites are very small arachnids that feed on skin cells and over a one year period, a mattress can double its weight because of dust mites and skin cells that fall into it while you sleep. If you are not very good at keeping up with your hygiene or cleaning, dust mites can become so prevalent that they might start producing allergies. It’s almost impossible to remove all the dust mites in a home but a combination of methods should be enough to get rid of dust mite problems.

Removing & Eliminating Dust Mites

To eliminate dust mites from your mattress you will need to remove all the bedding from the beds in your home as this is the most likely spot to have concentrated amounts of dust mites. All the bedding that you are able to wash should be done so in hot water, over 130 degrees Fahrenheit and should include pillow covers, mattress pads and comforters. If items are too large you may need to take them to a laundromat. Experiencing severe issues with dust mites will require you to wash your bedding in hot water more often. Use the hottest setting that the fabric allows to dry the bedding in a hot dryer as it will do a good job at killing any dust mites that were able to survive the wash cycle. Pillows that are 6 months to 2 years old may need to be thrown away. When a pillow reaches two years of age, 10-15% of its weight is dust mite waste. It’s a good idea to buy pillows and comforters that can be cleaned in your washer and dryer and cover your mattress, mattress pad and pillows with allergenic covers. Plastic ones are the best as dust mites can’t live in plastic.

Have Your Mattress Professionally Steam Cleaned

Proper cleaning and professional steam cleaning can prolong the life of your mattress. Vacuum it regularly using a powerful vacuum with an attachment to completely vacuum out any loose dirt and debris that may be on your bed as steam cleaning cannot remove it. Take your mattress out of the frame or off the platform to expose as much of it to the air as possible to keep it from getting too wet. Use short bursts of steam rather than long consistent delivery to avoid over soaking the mattress and don’t forget the sides because doing so may allow lingering odors to remain. The mattress needs to dry completely and this may be the most important part of the process. If it remains moist, it can lead to mold and mildew that will make things worse. Turn on ceiling fans and add some fans to the room to speed up the process.

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Most beds are home to millions of microscopic dust mites. It’s hard to believe that the big, bulky bedroom necessity is one of the easiest-to-clean items in your home. You should do it twice a year and when you’re ready to have it professionally steam cleaned, give Steam Green Carpet Cleaning a call. We don’t just remove dust mites and dirt. We can remove urine and other stains and odors as well!

It can be devastating for your home to become flooded and damaged. Water damage can create many problems. Harmful molds and mildew can set in within 24 hours of flooding. This is stressful when it happens and takes a long time to properly clean up and repair afterwards. There are many benefits to having a professional crew come and help you during this time.

24/7 Emergency Water Damage Restoration Response

One of the many benefits to hiring a professional cleanup crew is that they are quick. Nothing like the water damage soaking into your floors and walls then breeding harmful molds and fungi. Not to mention the pain of the accident and the damages to your precious treasures is a constant reminder to you. The flooded areas are dried quicker. A water damage restoration crew can have the water damage cleaned up and repaired within days. Some will even check old piping and other causes for the flooding and make sure it is properly prepared to prevent future floods.

Water Damage Cleanup Company

Water damage is very difficult to clean. In addition to restoring your home back to you quickly after a flood, water damage restoration companies also help prevent the mold and mildew growth in your home by cleaning up all excess water before mold and mildew have a chance to set in. Even if there is existing mold in your home, water damage restoration companies can also get rid of it with industrial-grade disinfectants and cleaners to ensure it poses no threat to you or your family. Mold and mildew can bring on many health risks. An experienced group of professionals will take care of the water damage before it progresses into more severe stages of water damage that will form into molds, mildews, and other potentially harmful fungi.

Water Extraction, Drying, Carpet Deodorizing & Cleaning

We also can bring peace of mind to the homeowner once everything is dried and disinfected to prevent any health problems to you or your family. This knowledge can relieve a lot of stress because not only do we remove health risks because they have the equipment to remove and dry the moisture quickly. You’ll lose a lot less valuables and your floors and walls will sustain less damage when the water is removed quickly. This will help keep the cost of repairs and replacements down. Using a professional water damage restoration company also helps the homeowner’s to resume their normal life and work schedules. Whether you are working, or raising little ones, having a crew treat and clean the damages for you is beneficial. Now you don’t have to neglect or take time away from your own tasks or family to deal with the problem. You will find that a water damage restoration company can become a life saver.

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You will find many benefits to having a professional water damage restoration crew come out and repair the damage caused by a flood. Steam Green Carpet Cleaning has helped lighten the burden to so many who found their home’s flooded. If you want to put your trust in us we will be there to help your home and family move past such an unfortunate accident. Contact us for all your floor and furniture cleaning needs.

When you are in the process of moving, the task at hand can seem more than overwhelming. So many loose ends that need to be tied before you leave and arrangements to be made in your new area. When there are so many things to think about, it is only natural that some tasks fall through the cracks. One of these may be the flooring in your home. Moving can really do a number on your flooring whether you have hardwood floors, tile or carpet, they take a beating. Steam Green Carpet Cleaning would like to share some tips to protect your flooring when making a move.

Protect Tile & Hardwood Floors During Move

You don’t want your tile or hardwood floors to end up getting scratched and beat up as a result of moving. Here are some tips to save those hard floors:
1. Rugs– Using rugs during a move can really save your tile and hardwood floors. It keeps them covered and free from scratches, but it can also remove dirt and debris from shoes that cause scratching and damage your floors.
2. Drop Cloths– If you don’t have enough rugs to cover the high traffic areas in your home, you can use drop cloths to add a layer of protection. This could be old blankets, or sheets that you don’t mind getting dirty or ruined.
3. Paper– You can purchase plain brown paper in rolls to lay on your hard flooring during a move. You will need to tape it to the floor to keep it from moving when the movers are going in and out of the space.
4. Plywood– Plywood is a great resource when moving large pieces of furniture or appliances. Since the edges of plywood can at times be rough, you should still lay a blanket or paper underneath it to keep it from scratching your floors.

How to Protect High Traffic Areas on Carpeted Flooring During a Move

When first moving into a new house, you don’t want the carpets that have likely just been cleaned, to get filthy on move in day. Here is a list of ways to protect them:
1. Carpet Mask– You can buy carpet masking that has a self-adhesive to lay on your carpet. This layer of plastic can really make a big difference for your carpet, especially in high traffic areas.
2. Rugs– Rugs will also save your carpet as well as hardwoods. Make sure the rug is wide enough that the first 4 steps are taken on it to really get rid of the filth on the bottom of everyone’s shoes.
3. Cardboard– Use the extra cardboard from moving to line high traffic areas. This offers a high amount of protection and is great for instances when you are dealing with inclement weather.
4. Shoe Booties– Having all movers slip on a pair of shoe booties is a great way to keep your carpets clean during a move.

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If while moving, your flooring got overlooked, Steam Green Carpet Cleaning can fix it. We can clean your carpets and tile and even refinish your hardwood floors! We can get your hardwood flooring and carpets back to the condition they were in before the move started or better! Call us today.

It’s an unfortunate fact of life; carpets will get stained at some point during their life span. It is usually unavoidable. Where many people attempt to minimize the risk; it seems the efforts are not always in your favor. The good news is most stains can be properly removed and even the stubborn stains can be professionally removed if it proves to be a challenge for the homeowner. However, when tending to these stains, many people make mistakes that can result in minimal to severe consequences.

Steam Green Carpet Cleaning List the Steps You Need to AVOID When Cleaning Stains

Hot water. The various stains can be easily dealt with the correct water temperature, cool or warm. But hot water needs to be avoided at all costs as it will cause most stains to set in and become near impossible to remove. When in doubt, stick with cool water.
Scrub and rub. Instinct and frustration can make people scrub and rub at stains, don’t do it. Stains that get rubbed and scrubbed will just push the stain out wider and deeper into the fibers, causing a bigger stain to deal with. Stains should be blotted and patted, and worked from the outside in to avoid the spreading.
Skipping the test patch. Whether you use a commercial pre-made cleaner, or concoct your own homemade remedy, always perform a test patch in an inconspicuous location in case the chemicals or ingredients compromise the integrity or color of the carpet. Even perform the test if it’s something you have used before, just to be safe.
Using colored or printed paper towels or cloths. As painful as it can be to mar up white cleaning cloths, it is prudent you avoid using cloths or paper towels that are colored or have a design printed them. The color or print can, under many circumstances, be transferred onto the carpet. Now you have the previous stain to contend with and the dyes that inadvertently got transferred onto the area you were trying to clean as well.
Allowing the stain to set. When accidents first happen, they need to be cleaned up immediately. Allowing stains to fester can make them increasingly difficult to remove. Fresh stains have a higher success rate of being lifted when they are treated immediately.
Smearing the bulk. Stains caused by food or something with a dense substance needs to be carefully scooped up before attempting to clean the stain. Trying to clean the stain without removing the bulk will only make matters worse. Use a spoon or a dull butter knife, spatula, or something similar to carefully remove the bulk and wipe it onto a paper towel for easy disposal.

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Cleaning the carpet stains can be a challenge in some cases. If you are ever uncomfortable to clean a stain, lack the time, or cannot lift the stubborn stains out, Steam Green Carpet Cleaning technicians are expertly trained and have years of experience to remove the stains quickly and efficiently. Call us today to schedule your appointment.

Clients Testimonials

We didnt have the funds to buy new carpet so we thought we would try them. They were able to get the pet smell out and they even were able to get oil paint from my 2 year old out of an upstairs bedroom carpet. Would use again.

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