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With the durability and low maintenance required for porcelain and ceramic tile, many people are utilizing it to surface the floors throughout the home. With options like porcelain tiles that look like hardwood floors, the range can be fairly versatile, hence the popularity. Steam Green Carpet Cleaning offer some tips and advice on cleaning your porcelain ceramic tile and to keep it looking like new.

Cleaning Porcelain Tile

1. Remove the surface of dirt, paying close attention to the edges where dirt and debris has a tendency to build up. Microfiber dust mops are ideal, or vacuum the floor thoroughly on the bare floor setting.
2. If you are using a pre-formulated cleaner, be sure to follow manufacturer’s directions. If it is not concentrated, pre-treat your porcelain tile floor with a hot water rinse. Or, if you prefer, you can mix a gallon of warm water with ½ cup of white vinegar, mix well.
3. Using a soft-nylon brush, scrub your floors down.
4. With a clean, warm, damp cloth, wipe up the filthy remnants.
5. Though porcelain is stain-resistant, stains can still occur. If stubborn stains are not removed, try repeating the steps in the target area.

Cleaning Ceramic Tile

1. Extract the dirt. Again ensure the edges are tended to remove the accumulated debris. Microfiber dust mop, soft bristle broom, or a vacuum on bare floor setting are all acceptable methods. Just make sure all the dirt and debris is removed.
2. Fill a gallon of warm water with 2 TBS of mild liquid dish soap and mix well. As you mop the floor, the water can start to become cloudy, if this occurs, change the water solution to avoid recontamination, sticky and/or soapy residue buildup.
3. Allow to fully air dry before allowing traffic or replacing area rugs or light furniture you may have removed before you began.

Grout Cleaning

If your grout is especially stained, and you need some serious cleaning power, there is a popular method; however it is with bleach and baking soda. It is strongly recommended you wear a breathing mask, safety glasses and cleaning gloves. Also, be sure to conduct a patch test in an inconspicuous place to ensure it will not compromise the actual color of your grout as this concoction can lighten it.
1. Mix approximately ¾ cups baking soda with ¼ cup bleach. It should form a paste.
2. Apply mixture directly to the grout. This might be easily accomplished in a grid pattern if the space is large. Allow the mixture to set 10-15 minutes. Scrub the mixture into the grout with a designating cleaning toothbrush, and allow it to set 10-15 more minutes.
3. With a warm cloth wipe away the mixture and the dirt.
4. Grout is dark when it’s wet; wait until it is dry to determine if the steps need to be repeated.

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For a more effective clean, call Steam Green Carpet Cleaning to clean and refresh your tile and grout. Our experts can perform our tile and grout cleaning service quickly and efficiently, leaving your tile bright and vibrant. Call us today to schedule your next appointment!

Area rugs not only add comfort to a room, but they add a large dose of style as well. Just like carpet, area rugs are made from many different types of material. There are some basic care instructions that will help extend the life of most area rugs. There are, however, some special care instructions for some materials rugs are made of. Steam Green Carpet Cleaning is here to share some cleaning tips and special care instructions for the many rugs out there.

Basic Area Rug Care

Like mentioned above, there are some steps that should be taken regularly to keep your rug in good shape. Here are some basic care techniques to extend the life of your rug.
Rotate Area Rugs – To help your area rug wear evenly, you should rotate it a couple times a year. High traffic areas and sun can damage your rug and by turning it regularly, it helps you avoid large wear marks on those main walkways.
Vacuum Area Rugs – Just like carpet, regular vacuuming is crucial to the care of your area rug. It keeps dirt and debris from building up in the fibers or your rug, causing permanent damage.
Shake Area Rugs – If you have smaller rugs in your space, they can be shaken out occasionally to get rid of dust as well.

Oriental & Persian Antique Rug Care

Oriental and Persian rugs are made from delicate fibers, and therefore require special care. They should be vacuumed regularly, but when it comes to giving them a deep clean, you should always hire a professional. With the proper tools, we are able to clean your rugs without damaging them in the process.

Natural Fiber Rug & Runner Care

Rugs made from sisal, jute, and other grasses add an inviting warmth to any room. They are usually woven loosely and allow dirt and dust to fall on the floor beneath it. For this reason, they should be moved on occasion to clean the floor underneath them. When spot cleaning a natural fiber rug, avoid using too much water. They are often damaged by access water. You need to make sure you are using a cleaner that is made specifically for natural fiber rugs to avoid permanent damage.

Fur & Other Animal Skin Rug Care

Talcum powder is the best way to clean rugs made from animal skins and fur. You never want to scrub this type of rug, because it will cause matting that is permanent. Dust talcum powder generously on the rug and leave it for several hours. It may be helpful to brush the powder into the rug if you are dealing with longer fur. After letting it sit, shake out the access powder. The back of the rug can always be cleaned with a damp rag and some soapy water. You will want to make sure the back is completely dry before laying it back on the floor after cleaning.

Woven or Braided Rugs

Many woven or braided rugs can be cleaned in the washing machine on a delicate cycle. You should always read the labels on the back of the rug to make sure it is safe to wash in your washing machine. It is always best to put them in a laundry bag before washing.

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No matter what your rug is made of, it will require a certain amount of care to ensure you get the most out of your rug. Just like carpet, an area rug should be cleaned professionally at least once a year to extend its life. Steam Green Carpet Cleaning offers area rug cleaning for all types of area rugs. Call us today and our trained technicians will help keep area rugs clean and like the day you bought them!

Caring for any type of materials for your upholstered furnishings is important to keep the beauty, aesthetic appearance, and to preserve the longevity. Leather is not only classic and elegant, but it has been known to last for years with the proper care and maintenance. Leather sofas and chairs are relatively easy to care for; however, they do require some diligence to keep them looking prestigious.

Best Way to Clean, Condition & Care for Leather Sofa Upholstery

– Similar to wood, leather does not react well to heat sources, which causes it to dry out. Avoid placing your leather in direct sunlight and next to fireplaces or radiators. When the leather dries out, the color will fade, and material will stiffen and crack, forcing your leather upholstery into early retirement.
Regular cleaning. The more often you do the basic cleaning, the better. We recommend daily cleaning routines, but not everyone has the time, so as often as you can, clean your leather upholstery. Use the vacuum attachments to vacuum the creases and crevices, the button tufting, cushions, under cushions and sides, back, and top of the upholstery to remove the dust and other debris. If you do not have a compatible vacuum, use clean cotton or our favorite, a microfiber cloth to wipe away the dust.
Immediately clean spills. Just because you implement the “no eating or drinking” rule on your leather, doesn’t mean it is always complied with, if you don’t have the rule, accidents will happen, including other nonfood or beverage spills. They need to be tended to right away. Avoid using moistened clothes or towels, instead use a dry cloth and clean up the mess. If a fine residue remains, at the time use a lightly dampened cloth to wipe away the remaining crust, followed by a dry cloth to absorb the moisture.
– Avoid harsh soaps and abrasive tools. If stains are ruining the appearance of your leather, do not reach for harsh soaps, detergents, cleaning solvents, or ammonia based cleaners to remove them. Especially do not use anything to clean with besides a microfiber or cotton cloth. Keep away from soaking stains in water as well.
– Tend to scratches. Leather can be easily scratched. Keep sharp objects away from your leather furniture. Buff any minor scratches with a chamois.
– Condition. Leather requires periodic conditioning every 6-12 months, extremely hot and dry climates should consider quarterly treatments. Leather conditioner can be found in most department or auto stores.
Like all upholstery, leather needs care and maintenance. If you have any reluctance into maintaining major maintenance applications on any of your upholstery, Steam Green Carpet Cleaning professionals re experienced and have the expertise to clean your upholstered furnishings.

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Steam Green Carpet Cleaning takes full advantage of exclusive professional grade equipment and detergents. In conjunction with our skills and expertise, your upholstery will be treated with high premium results. Call us today!

When you think about your carpets you probably know that to keep them looking their best you need to vacuum them and clean up any spills. You also want to hire a professional to come out on a regular basis and clean the carpets professionally so that they are kept looking their best. Most carpet cleaners don’t just clean carpets but have specialty services that we offer as well such as rug cleaning, mattress cleaning and upholstery cleaning to name a few. One of the services that tend to get over looked often is the rug cleaning service. The rugs in your house are probably maintained by you vacuuming them or at least taking them outside and shaking them out. This is not sufficient to have them cleaned appropriately so it is pertinent to hire a professional carpet cleaner to clean the rugs as well.

Steam Green Carpet Cleaning explain the importance of having your rugs cleaned when you have your carpets cleaned.

Rugs Are Dirty: If you think about it, your rugs are getting just as much if not more traffic than the actual carpet. The rug is laid over a specific area of flooring whether it is carpet, tile or wood and that is the surface that people are going to be walking over and possibly spilling their drinks or food on. This means that the rug is susceptible to more staining and collecting more dirt. If you want to have all that dirt and debris removed from the rugs it is a great idea to ask a professional carpet cleaner.
Dirty Rugs Will Bring Dirt On Your Clean Carpet: If you are about to have your carpets cleaned by a professional you are going to remove any furniture that you can, and also roll up the rugs and place them in another room. The problem is that all the dirt that is on the rugs just left with it! The dirt is rolled up and stays in the fibers of the rugs so when you go to place them back in the room, that dirt will easily be tracked over the freshly cleaned carpets. This defeats the purchase and purpose of carpet cleaning. You want to be sure that the rugs are also cleaned so that the cleaning will last long enough to get you to your next appointment.
Protect The Life Of The Rugs: The rugs are susceptible to damage just as your carpets are. The rug fibers can be damaged by the amount of dirt and debris that is left on them. Dirt can collapse the fibers and that will leave the rug not looking its best. When you have them cleaned professionally it can help to remove the dirt that can cause some damage.

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Steam Green Carpet Cleaning offers rug cleaning and other specialty cleaning and restoration services. Contact us to make your next appointment.

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