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Have you ever been sitting at a party and see someone bump a table that causes the spilling of red wine on the carpet? It spreads right before your eyes into a big red blob and the carpet is light beige! You try your hardest to get it out before the stain sets permanently. The stains on your carpet everyday don’t usually happen from red wine but you do track a lot of dirt across your carpet. If you have children or pets then it’s even worse. Is there a way to make clean up easier? Stain resistant carpet may be the right choice for your home. Your carpet will never be 100% stain-proof but the stain resistant ones will allow you to remove stains quickly and without permanent damage.

How Stain Resistant Carpet Works

Carpets are made from all types of fabrics. Polypropylene, polyester, acrylic, silk, wool, and nylon. Nylon makes up half of the carpet sold in the U.S. because it has a powerful resistance to abrasion and mildew. Stain resistant carpet is coated with a chemical film that repels dirt and liquids to prevent them from setting in. The technology works in one of two ways. Nylon fibers are either infused with chemicals before they’re sent to a carpeting mill or chemicals are applied during the manufacturing process onsite, after the tufting or weaving process. Stain resistant carpet is really effective in preventing food, juices and other beverages, pet accidents, ink, rust and even shoe polish.

Benefits of Stain Resistant Carpet

Stain resistant carpet looks nicer for longer making it cost effective. You aren’t likely to replace it too soon. It is available at all price points making it affordable for every budget. Spills on stain-resistant carpet are most likely to come out because of its wicking properties. The carpet is easier to clean because oils and dirt do not stick to the coating. Carpet is home to many microorganisms and can be a breeding ground for all sorts of things whether it’s stain resistant or not. Carpet fibers trap allergens like mold and bacteria. If spills are easily removed then your home will be heathier.

Cleaning Spills

You should always clean spills right away. Blot the stain first with water or mild detergents and avoid rubbing the stain. Don’t use harsh chemicals that will damage the fibers. Always follow the manufactures instruction for cleaning your specific carpet because major manufacturers will use their own protective, stain-resistant coatings. Some substances that can permanently discolor or harm your carpet are strong chemicals, acne medication, and yellow mustard. Keep these thongs away from your carpet!

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Eventually the protective chemicals will wear off. After you get your carpets steam cleaned you have the option of adding protection to it. Carpet cleaning does not remove the protection but what is removed is the residual coating that has been worn away from the fibers. The dirt can be vacuumed out leaving your carpet protected and less susceptible to stains, damage from abrasives and premature wear. If you need help caring for your carpet give Steam Green Carpet Cleaning a call.

Carpets are a large investment for most homes and people are interested in keeping them clean and looking their best. Keeping them clean is a great way to be sure that your investment lasts a long time and saves you money on not needing to replace them too soon. As much as you want to keep your carpets lasting a long time most people also want them to look great as much as possible. The carpet fibers can be damaged easily and if they are not cleaned and treated correctly they can be damaged so far that you are not able to correct it. It will then lead to the carpets needing to be replaced sooner than possible. There are some ways that you can keep your carpets cleaned and looking their best.

Steam Green Carpet Cleaning lists ways you can keep your carpets and rugs cleaned.

Vacuum On A Regular Basis: The very best way to ensure that all the dirt and debris is cleaned and removed from the carpet fibers is to vacuum them as often as possible. Most people should be vacuuming once a day and sometimes more depending in the amount of traffic that is moving in and out of your home and carpeted areas. If you are in a home that has a lot of people in and out you may need to run the vacuum more often. If you are in a home that is very quiet and not a lot of people you still want to use the vacuum one time a day to remove the dust that is flowing through all the air ducts as well. The vacuuming will remove the majority of the dust and debris that is settling in on the carpet fibers and cause them to be ground in when people walk across them.
Clean Any Spills And Stains ASAP: If you see a spill on your carpets you want to be sure that you have them cleaned as soon as possible and treat them appropriately. When the stains are left to sit on the carpets the more they will set in and will be harder to remove. The stains will be hard to treat and will potentially cause damage to the carpet fibers that will cause you to need to replace them sooner. Use a method that has been tested to remove that particular kind of stain.
Have Your Carpet Cleaned Professionally: The best way to remove dirt debris and treat for stains is to hire a professional carpet cleaning service. This is a great way to not only treat stains and spots but will also treat the entire carpet and deep clean them leaving them looking and feeling nice and clean.

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When you have your carpets steam cleaned you’re not only removing dirt. You’re removing allergens that cause allergies. You’re removing debris that cause odors. You are also improving air quality. Hot steam is a natural sanitizer and deodorizer. Clean carpets are not only more visually appealing but they last longer and are healthier than those that are neglected. Steam cleaning is a process of deep cleaning that uses chemicals and a high-powered blast of hot water and steam to remove dirt and grime. When the steam penetrates the surfaces, it destroys mold spores, germs, viruses, dust mites, and bacteria.

The Hot Water Extraction Steam Cleaning Process

There will be a pre-inspection where your concerns can be addressed. The carpet will then be vacuumed to pick up as much dirt and debris as possible. Main traffic areas and spots are then treated with a hot pre-spray. The high pressure jets of the hot water extraction process allow the steamy water to really get into the fibers and loosen the dirt. The water is now dirty and a strong vacuum will pull it out. The carpet should never get too wet and the water temperature is usually between 180*F and 190*F. Then there will be a post inspection to inspect the work that has been done. The hot water extraction rinse is enough to remove any cleaning solution left behind leaving little or no residue.

Steps to Take After Your Carpets are Cleaned

There are a few things to keep in mind after your carpet has been cleaned. Floors can be slippery when transitioning from carpet to hard surfaces. Children and pets should be kept off the carpet as it dries. Normal drying time is approximately 6-8 hours. Using ceiling fans and opening windows will shorten this time. After 24 hours feel free to vacuum your carpet anytime. You should steam clean your carpets once a year at a minimum. Having pets or allergy suffers in your home may require it to be done more often. Late spring and autumn are good times to clean because the weather is nice enough that you can open windows to speed up the drying process.

Why You Should Hire a Professional

Professionals use truck mounted equipment. There are some very good reasons this is beneficial. These machines are more powerful and can get the water very hot. The hotter the water is the better. Truck mounted equipment is capable of achieving high water temps sometimes over 200 degrees. The chances of spills in your home is unlikely because everything is on the truck. The only part that enters your home is the hose and attachments. The job gets done quicker as the unloading and set up of equipment is unnecessary. More power provides a more consistent level of water flow and stronger suction which means your carpets will dry faster.

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Your carpet takes on a lot of abuse on a daily basis. Tracked in dirt, spills, stains, and pet traffic. The more times you carpets are cleaned with steam the more likely you are to have a clean and healthy environment for your family. Hot water extraction, or steam cleaning is the best method out there to clean your carpet. Get in touch with the team at Steam Green Carpet Cleaning for all you steam cleaning needs.

All aspects of a home require a regimented maintenance schedule. Some things can be done in the capable hands of a homeowner; others need the graceful touch of a skilled professional. Maintenance schedules can include daily maintenance, weekly maintenance, monthly maintenance, quarterly maintenance, bi-yearly maintenance and annual maintenance. Depending on the needs and requirements, the various maintenance schedules can be include a list of benefits, professional carpet cleaning is one of them.

Steam Green Carpet Cleaning list the benefits and advantages of using a professional to clean your carpets.

Carpets should get a professional cleaning, a minimum of once a year, whether or not they appear obviously in need. The benefits are well worth the investment, and in today’s market, carpet cleaning is very affordable.
1. Professional Carpet Cleaning. Professional not only come to your home to perform the labor, but with that technician comes a whole plethora of benefits.
Carpet Cleaning Experience, training and expertise. The technician has endured countless hours of training. With that training, they have come to understand the cause and effect of equipment and detergents needed for specific stains and carpet fiber materials. Utilizing their training in day to day experiences enhances their abilities to become better at their work. Accumulating the experience and applied training, their expertise booms, and their knowledge and skill on how to care for your carpets is extremely beneficial.
Exclusive Professional Grade Carpet Cleaning Equipment & Products. As with any industry, certified and/or licensed practitioners get exclusive access to the professional grade equipment and products not available to the general public. With their premium products and state of the art equipment in expert hands, carpet cleaning is superior to all others.
2. Cost Effective Carpet Cleaning. Professional carpet cleaning has become easily affordable. Instead of attempting to by knock off carpet shampooers and detergents, people should opt to hire a pro to provide carpet cleaning services that are a much better quality.
3. Time Saved. Enlisting the aid of a professional carpet cleaner can save you mounds of time. With their expertise and methodical strategies, carpets are cleaned more quickly and more efficiently than the untrained person.
4. Carpet Longevity. Along with daily maintenance executed by the homeowner, having your carpets cleaned by a professional periodically is a returned investment, as it increases the life span of your carpet.
5. Health Benefits of Carpet Cleaning. Especially for those who suffer from allergies, are prone to asthma attacks or can be easily infected with germs and bacteria, having a professional carpet cleaning can reduce ailments. A deep clean is removing allergens and germs to not only give your carpets exceptional cleanliness, but it also improves the indoor air quality, making it healthier for all who live there.
6. Better Cleaning of Carpets. Even your well cared for carpets can begin to look dull and drab after a time with the buildup of daily grit festering deep in the fibers. The good news is that with a professional cleaning, the deep rooted filth is pulled out, leaving carpets vibrant, cleaned, sanitized and deodorized for you to enjoy.

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With Steam Green Carpet Cleaning you not only receive all the benefits, but you get a whole lot more. Our technicians possess all these attributes and then some. Call us today to get stated on getting your carpets cleaned.

If you are like many people across the United States you have some areas in your home that has carpet as the flooring. Carpet is a great flooring option for someone that wants to have a nice soft and comfortable option. Carpet is a great way to floor bedrooms, living rooms and hallways. Although it is a great addition to any home there are still some troubles when it comes to carpet. They carpet acts a lot like any fabric and will soak up any spills that are dropped on it. The spill will quickly begin to set in and unlike a t-shirt you cannot throw the carpet in the washing machine to treat the spot. Even if there is not a spot that needs to be treated your carpets are sure to be dirty. All the dust, dirt and debris are part of the carpet and can be deep in the carpet fibers and padding. A professional carpet cleaning company can come and take care of your carpets, rugs and upholstery to have them looking their best.

Steam Green Carpet Cleaning lists benefits to hiring a professional to clean your carpets.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Prolongs The Life Of Your Carpet: Carpets are a huge investment to your home and that means that taking care of them is a high priority. Cleaning the carpets can take care of the carpet fibers and clean them and remove the stains, dirt and debris. If these things are not removed, the fibers can be damaged beyond repair. If you have your carpet cleaned on a regular basis the fibers will be kept clean and have your carpets lasting longer.
Carpet Cleaning Leaves The Home Smelling Better: Carpets can start to smell musty and dusty if they are not cleaned on a regular basis. The carpet cleaner is able to come out and remove the dust, dirt and pet stain and odors that can leave your home smelling not so clean. The professional carpet cleaner has equipment that has heavy duty suction to help release the stains and odor and leave the carpets not only looking good but smelling better too.
Carpet Cleaning Leaves Your Air Quality Better: Another benefit of having a professional clean your carpet is the allergens that are sure to be on your carpets. These can be dust, dust mites or skin cells that can be on the carpet and when you walk across the floor these allergens can take flight making anyone with allergies or asthma to suffer. If you want better air quality in your home make sure that you have your carpets cleaned on a regular basis.

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We didnt have the funds to buy new carpet so we thought we would try them. They were able to get the pet smell out and they even were able to get oil paint from my 2 year old out of an upstairs bedroom carpet. Would use again.

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