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The deep shade of red lipstick that complimented your ensemble was just the perfect touch. But alas, your little miniature version of you found that lucky lipstick and created a masterpiece on your carpet. After an adult sized tantrum, a few choice words, and perhaps a few tears, you now need to see about removing the lipstick stain from off your carpet.

Steam Green Carpet Cleaning would like offer a few methods of how to clean and remove the lipstick from off your carpet.

Method #1 – Commercial Carpet Cleaning Product

1. With gentleness and care, use either a butter knife or a spoon to remove the bulk layer off the carpet. Avoid applying to much pressure as you don’t want to push the lipstick deeper into the fibers. Use this step with all methods.
2. As with any cleaning product, whether it be store bought, or homemade, always conduct a path test in an inconspicuous area to ensure the product will not compromise the carpet fibers. Use this step with all methods.
3. Apply your commercial carpet cleaner onto a clean rag, and gently blot up the stain; repeat until stain becomes more and more faded.
4. Remaining residue, spray cleaner onto the stain itself and allow to set for 5-10 minutes.
5. Gentle blot up remaining moisture; repeat if necessary.
6. Using a water bottle, rinse away any remaining cleaning products thoroughly.
7. Towel dry the area and allow spot to dry.

Method #2 – Rubbing Alcohol Carpet Stain Removal

1. Lightly pour a few teaspoons of rubbing alcohol onto a clean cloth, cotton swab or sponge.
2. Gently rub out stain in horizontal or vertical motions, avoid circular motions as this could compromise carpet texture. Do NOT over use the rubbing alcohol, this could damage the bottom carpet lining.
3. Once stain has been removed, spray clean, cool water onto the area, and blot up the moisture, and allow to dry. If the stain persists, repeat.

Method #3 – Nail Polish Remover to Clean Carpet Stains

1. Apply nail polish remover unto the stain and allow to sit for 5 minutes.
2. Blot up the moisture with a clean cloth.
3. Rinse area with cool, clean water
4. Allow to dry thoroughly. If stain remains, repeat.

Method #4 – White Vinegar Carpet Cleaning Solution

1. Start by mixing equal parts of white vinegar and water together.
2. Spray or sponge on mixture to the lipstick stain. Let it set for approximately 5 minutes.
3. Blot up stain and solution.
4. If you need to repeat, try making the vinegar more concentrated.
5. Rinse treated area well, and allow to dry.

* Note:
– Hairspray is a good substitute if rubbing alcohol isn’t an option.
– Windex is also a good tool for removing lipstick.

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If stubborn stains are giving you a hard time, call Steam Green Carpet Cleaning today! With our professional expert training, state of the art equipment and top quality detergents, we can beat most stains and leave your carpets looking fresh and like new! Call us to schedule your next appointment!

Microfiber and microsuede resemble suede, but unlike suede the fabrication is composed of polyester and nylon fibers that are 100 times thinner than a human hair. Microfiber couches are incredibly comfortable and while the fabric is stain resistant, it doesn’t hide dirt very well. Darker colors allow the dirt to blend in until you are ready to clean it but lighter colored fabrics show every speck of dirt and grime. Cleaning microfiber can sometimes be problematic because microfiber is often prone to watermarks. It is important that you understand the qualities of microfiber before you attempt to clean it. You will need a vacuum with a brush attachment, rubbing alcohol, a clean light colored sponge, and a clean light colored bristled brush.

Extending the Life of your Upholstery Cleaning

While professional cleaning is always preferable especially due to the nature of the fabric, it is possible to clean your microfiber couch between professional cleanings. The expert upholstery cleaning technicians at Steam Green Carpet Cleaning have provided the following recommendations for cleaning your microfiber couch to ensure you get the best DIY results possible.
• Not all microfiber can be cleaned the same way, so reading the care instructions is extremely important. Most microfiber manufactures use codes to indicate how to clean the fabric.
“W” – means the fabric is water-safe
“S” – means to clean with a dry-cleaning solvent
“S-W” – means both solvent & water safe
“X” – means to dry-brush only

Cleaning a microfiber couch can be tricky and confusing because even if the couch indicates that it is water-safe it can still stain. Most microfiber couches are stain-resistant, but you will be left with a watermark if you try and clean them with water or water based products. Even if your instructions indicate that you can clean them with water, use water and other cleaning ingredients sparingly. Never soak the furniture which could cause further staining to your couch which could even become permanent.
• If you can’t find the manufacturer tag on your couch and you don’t have your care manual, spot test in an inconspicuous area before proceeding with your cleaning.

How to Clean Microfiber Furniture:

Always adhere on the side of caution and spot test a small patch of fabric before cleaning your entire couch especially when cleaning darker colored fabric like red or brown which may react with the rubbing alcohol.
1. Vacuum to remove any loose dirt, dust and hair using a brush attachment to get into tight areas.
2. Spray rubbing alcohol onto soiled areas. Rubbing alcohol evaporates quickly, won’t soak the fabric and is a great alternative to water.
3. Scrub the area with a light colored scrub sponge. The scrub side works best, but it is also important that the sponge you are working with is light colored to ensure there is no color transfer from the sponge to the couch.
4. Once the areas are completely clean of dirt and grime, allow the couch to air dry.
5. If the microfiber looks flat in the areas you have cleaned you can fluff it back up again by using a clean brush with soft light colored bristles.

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For a professional clean for your microfiber couches or any other type of upholstery cleaning contact the experienced and knowledgeable staff at Steam Green Carpet Cleaning today. Our friendly staff members are standing by to assist you and can schedule your upholstery cleaning for a time that is convenient for you.

There has been a bit of confusion and questions asked concerning the beneficial gain of air duct cleaning. No matter unit in our homes, big or small; everything needs a scheduled cleaning. Air ducts collect a variety of foreign debris that should be cleaned from to time to time.

Steam Green Carpet Cleaning would to take the time to answer some frequently asked questions. We hope your questions are found among them, but should you have any further inquiries, you can always feel free to give us a call and ask them!

Q. What are the health benefits of a regular scheduled air duct cleaning service?
A. The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system, or commonly referred to as the HVAC, is a shaft, that by the nature of the beast compiles an array of containments that can potentially affect your health. These containments include mold, fungi, mildew, dust and allergen particles. Removing this assortment of filth can improve the air quality constantly being circulated through your home.
Q. Can an air duct cleaning reduce my home’s energy bill?
A. A clean system can run more efficiently and put less strain on moving parts. Research by the U.S. EPA has proven as much. A clean air duct can prolong HVAC system life and reduce the risk of break-downs.
Q. How often should air ducts be cleaned?
A. This question has quite a few determining factors. The average cleaning should be conducted by a professional every 3-5 years or so. Perhaps more frequently if more of the following circumstances fit your life style:
• Frequent smoking indoors.
• Pets that shed frequent hair and dander.
• Water damage or contamination in the home or HVAC system.
• Severe allergy sufferers that benefits from clean air ducts.
• After home remodeling or renovations.
• Prior to move in.
Q. Can mold grow in air ducts? Can it be harmful?
A. Mold spores thrive in consistent temperatures and moisture. Dust that flows through the air duct system is a banquet if mold develops, which can then thrive. In a nut shell, air ducts are a potential and favorable place for mold to prosper. Mold can trigger allergies, and after long term exposure, can induce flu-like symptoms that surface frequently. For mold to be found in the ducts however, it is usually the cause of spores from other locations relocating to air ducts. If you find a mold problem anywhere in the home, have a professional inspect the air ducts to be safe.
Q. What variety of debris is actually pulled into the air ducts?
A. Depends on the environmental and climate conditions. Generally air ducts are pushing the air that was once outside containing dust, chemicals, pollen, insects and mold spores inside. Interior particles could include, dead skin cells, pet hair and dander, pesticides, smoke, cooking particles and personal care products. Building materials, most likely caused by construction, can be wood products, fire place soot, metal shavings, carpets, and plastics distributing pollutants. Rain water can find its way in their if there any leak problems, which can also produce mold.

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Cleaning your air ducts periodically can enhance your HVAC efficiency, and help contribute to better health. Clean air flow is essential to day to day living. Call Steam Green Carpet Cleaning for all your air duct cleaning needs among our many services.

The winter season is a fun time of year for many people. The lights and music and of course the decorations. If you go to most homes in the United States you are going to find a Christmas tree. This is a staple of the season and a symbol of the Christmas celebration! Some people choose to buy a tree from the store and set it up each year. Others choose to go out and cut down their own or go to a tree lot and pick one out that has already been cut for them. This is a fun past time for many families to go out together and look for the perfect tree for their home. One thing that is the same with any live tree is they are a pain to clean up after.

Steam Green Carpet Cleaning has some tips for protecting your carpets from Christmas trees this year.

There are really three main things that cause trouble throughout the season and they are sap, pine needles and water damage. The sap will ooze and drip off the tree throughout the time that it is in the house but the time that is most concerning is set up and take down. Before you set up a real live Christmas tree you have to saw off the bottom ring of it to ensure that when it is watered it will be able to soak it up. This is the part that all of the sudden the sap can be abundant. If you choose to do this part indoors you need to be ready to cover the carpets. You can do this by laying out a tarp or plastic sheet to protect during set up. You can then easily roll it up and take it out with the mess attached. The next problem is the pine needles. The longer the tree is up in the house the more pine needles are going to fall. During set up and take down you should use the tarp or plastic sheet to cover the carpet and this will also catch the pine needles that will fall during this time. You also want to be sure that you have a large enough tree skirt to catch the needles that fall randomly. Also take time to remove the needles each day from the skirted area to stop them from getting into the carpet. Each day you are going to have to add some water to the tree stand and if this water gets on the carpet you may not notice. This can lead to mold growing so you want to be sure that you check the stand for leaks before you set it up. Also never overfill the stand so that you don’t have it leak over the top.

When the holiday season is over, be sure to call Steam Green Carpet Cleaning to have your carpets professionally cleaned in Valley Village, Long Beach, Pasadena, Santa Monica, Santa Clarita, Simi Valley, Burbank, Calabasas, Beverly Hills, Thousand Oaks & Los Angeles CA.

The unknown can stir anxiety no matter the situation. But when it comes to upholstery and carpet stains, trying to remove stains that you have no clue what they are, can be difficult to say the least. Any solution used could remove the stain, or set it in more; so making it difficult if not impossible to remove, even on a professional level. If you do not know what it is, the better solution is to allow Steam Green Carpet Cleaning to give the carpet or upholstery a deep steam cleaning using top of the line detergents, state of the art equipment, and trained experts to tend to the dreaded unknown stain.

If you are insistent on trying to remove the stain yourself, below are a few tips to try and get the stain out. Always try any home remedy solution, or commercial chemical in an inconspicuous area first to ensure it will not compromise the fibers or color.
1. Dry Cleaning Solvent – Obtain a dry cleaning solvent and follow label’s instructions. Blot at the stain. If this doesn’t remove the stain, allow the solvent to completely air dry before attempting a different method.
2. Vinegar Solution – Mix together in a bucket or spray bottle – 2 cups of cool water, 1 Tbsp. dish washing liquid, and 1 Tbsp. vinegar. Ensure the solution is well mixed. Apply the mixture, and allow to set. Using rubbing alcohol from a cotton ball, gently rub in circular patterns. If stain persists, gently rinse solution away using a clean cloth and cool water, and allow to dry thoroughly before attempting a different method.
3. Ammonia Solution – In a bucket or spray bottle, mix together 2 cups cool water, 1 Tbsp. dish washing liquid, and 1 Tbsp. ammonia. Using a clean damp cloth, blot at the stain. If pressure is needed, use circular patterns in a gentle rubbing fashion. If this solution is unsuccessful, thoroughly rinse the area with cool water, blot dry, and ensure the area is completely dry before attempting a different method.
4. Hydrogen Peroxide – Using 3% hydrogen peroxide, arm yourself with an eye dropper, and apply a few drops of peroxide to the area in question. Blot up the stain. If stain remains, thoroughly rinse and dry the area.

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If the stain remains after all methods have been attempted (or you get sick of trying them), calling a professional is your best solution. Hire Steam Green Carpet Cleaning. Our technicians have experience and training to get stubborn stains successfully removed from carpet or upholstery. Call us today!

Clients Testimonials

We didnt have the funds to buy new carpet so we thought we would try them. They were able to get the pet smell out and they even were able to get oil paint from my 2 year old out of an upstairs bedroom carpet. Would use again.

Chris. S. Agoura Hills, CA