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If you live in an area that receives a healthy amount of rainfall throughout the year then you are familiar with the chance of a flood rolling through your neighborhood. While some home owners will never experience their home being flooded, many will experience first hand what it is like to have a flood come into their home and damage their property. Many home owners that experience a flood are surprised at just how much damage a flood can cause to their home. It is important to become familiar with what type of damage a flood can inflict on your home and how to deal with it in a way that will keep you and your family safe.

Immediate Water Extraction Prevents Structural Damage

One of the most important pieces of your home is the foundation and a flood has potential to damage the foundation of your home that will lead to an ongoing list of issues that you will be left to deal with and repair. If the foundation of your home is damaged, cracks can occur, causing issues with your flooring and even your roof. It is most important that you call a professional service like Steam Green Carpet Cleaning to extract the standing water before foundation problems occur.

Mold Removal & Remediation After a Flood

Carpet in the home is one of the most commonly damaged areas after a flood. Carpet can soak up a great deal of flood water before it starts to float on the surface, so you may have more water in your home than you realize after a flood. If water is not completely removed from your carpet, its padding and the foundation, the chance of mold and mildew growing within the walls of your home has just sky rocketed. Removing water from carpet quickly can eliminate the costly need to entirely replace it!

Professional Flood Water Damage Cleanup, Repair & Restoration as well as Carpet, Floor & Upholstery Cleaning in Valley Village, Long Beach, Pasadena, Santa Monica, Santa Clarita, Simi Valley, Burbank, Calabasas, Beverly Hills, Thousand Oaks & Los Angeles CA

If your carpet is damaged from the flood, chances are your baseboards are damaged as well. Warping and bending can occur during the drying out process and leave your baseboards looking damaged permanently. If you have experienced a flood and your carpet is damaged, or you are not sure if it can be salvaged or not, contact Steam Green Carpet Cleaning today. We specialize in getting your carpets as clean as possible after a flood has occurred. Your carpet will be left looking like new and you will not have to worry about dangerous mold and mildew lurking inside of your home.

There are many chores around the house that need to be completed and cleaning your mattress is one job that can sometimes be neglected. It is easy to put off cleaning your mattress when it is often covered up with sheets and comforters and while we may be willing to overlook the stains; stains are not the only thing we should be worried about. When we sleep, we not only sweat, our bodies also slough skin cells which are deposited on our mattresses and provide the perfect breeding ground for dust mites and bacteria.

Unhealthy Soiled Mattresses; Dust Mites & Bacteria

Studies suggest that many skin irritations and other types of allergic reactions, including respiratory issues and headaches can be attributed to your soiled mattresses. Dust mites in particular produce feces that are a common cause of allergies in human beings. Bacteria can also cause an immune response which can lead to respiratory reactions. Dust mites reproduce at an extremely fast rate and it is not uncommon for a bed to be infested with over a million dust mites at a given time. In fact dust mites can even increase the weight of your mattress by a substantial amount.

Deep Steam Mattress Cleaning Service

The Professionals at Steam Green Carpet Cleaning understand mattresses and recommend a deep mattress cleaning to eradicate pests and the problems they can cause. Regular maintenance can also help eliminate stains and organic soiling. The professional mattress cleaning specialists at Steam Green Carpet Cleaning can eliminate dust mites and their waste material.

The expert mattress cleaning specialists at Steam Green Carpet Cleaning recommend a deep mattress cleaning to:

Eliminate dust mites – The best method for eliminating dust mites is with a Steam Green Mattress Cleaning professional deep steam clean. Our professional mattress cleaning treatments will eliminate dust mites and their waste products and improve your families health.
Remove dust – dust can accumulate quickly, especially in the Greater Las Angeles area. Your mattress is a prime target for accumulating dust and our mattress cleaning specialists recommend a regular deep clean to completely remove dust from your mattress. We can effectively remove impurities such as dirt, pollen, and pet dander quickly and effectively.
Reduce allergic reactions – a regular, professional Steam Green Mattress Cleaning will reduce allergic reactions among you and your family members.
Avoid skin problems – sensitive skin in particular can be irritated by dirt, dust mites and other impurities. By arranging to have your mattress professionally cleaned on a regular basis, you can reduce the possibility of skin problems and other allergic reactions.
Improve your nights sleep – Studies indicate that a clean, fresh mattress can not only improve your night’s sleep, it can also improve your general wellbeing.

Professional Deep Steam Mattress, Stain Removal, Floor & Upholstery Cleaning in Valley Village, Long Beach, Pasadena, Santa Monica, Santa Clarita, Simi Valley, Burbank, Calabasas, Beverly Hills, Thousand Oaks & Los Angeles CA

A professional mattress cleaning has many benefits and the experienced mattress cleaning specialists at Steam Green Carpet Cleaning can thoroughly clean your mattress to eliminate dust mites and keep your mattress allergy free. Contact us today!

Keeping your furniture clean throughout the year can become a difficult task, especially if you have children and pets running around the house each day. Spills and accidents happen all of the time, whether they involve food, art materials or a pet’s slobber, your furniture can take quite a beating from day to day living. Upholstery can become stained when a spill is not immediately attended to and your couch will be left looking like an old piece of dirty furniture that makes your living room feel a little unattractive. Leather furniture cannot be treated like other upholstered furniture and requires special attention when it comes to proper cleaning.

Vacuuming & Dusting Leather Furniture

When taking care of your leather couch, love seat or chair it is important to know what and what not to do when you are trying to remove an unsightly stain, or simply wanting to put a new shine on it. The first step to take when properly caring for your leather furniture is to dust the piece thoroughly. When dusting your leather furniture, pay close attention to the cracks and crevices between the cushions of your furniture. It is helpful to use a vacuum cleaner for larger pieces of debris, and after vacuuming, use a soft cloth to wipe the rest of the furniture down. If you fail to completely remove all of the dust off of your leather furniture, you take the risk of potentially scratching your leather when you move onto the next step. Small dust and dirt particles can damage the surface of your leather sofa by scratching the leather and leaving permanent marks on your furniture. Also be very careful when you are vacuuming your leather furniture, the fixtures on a vacuum can also scratch your leather furniture. Your best bet for cleaning your leather furniture without damaging it is to hire a professional to get the job done properly.

Professional Leather Furniture Couch, Love Seat, Sectional, Sofa & Chair Upholstery Cleaning in Valley Village, Long Beach, Pasadena, Santa Monica, Santa Clarita, Simi Valley, Burbank, Calabasas, Beverly Hills, Thousand Oaks & Los Angeles CA

People often make the mistake of scrubbing their entire leather sofa, when there really was only one or two areas that required cleaning. This is a waste of time and energy. If there is only one area on your leather sofa that requires cleaning, focus on that area, the rest of your couch is fine with just a wipe down. Tough stains on leather furniture can be extremely difficult to remove and require special tools and cleaners that only a professional is skilled and experienced using. If you’ve got leather furniture that is in need of a proper cleaning, contact Steam Green Carpet Cleaning today. We will leave your leather furniture looking like new.

Carpet provides a comfortable and soft surface for your floors making your home a great place to relax and enjoy. Keeping your carpet clean and from getting spilled on and stained can sometimes feel like a never ending chore. With regular carpet cleaning maintenance, carpet can last for quite a long time and keep its original look, providing your home with not only comfort but also beauty. Sometimes carpet can begin to put off an offensive odor, even if there is no visible sign of a spill or stain. If you are unaware that something was spilled onto your carpet or an accident occurred without you knowing, a foul odor can form because the mess was never cleaned and whatever was spilled has seeped into the fibers of your carpet, creating the bad smell.

Removing Pet Dog & Cat Urine Stains & Odors from Carpet & Rugs

One of the most offensive smells that can occur from an accident on your carpet is that of pet urine. If you have a pet that is still in the middle of being house trained, it is most important to pay attention to all of the areas in the house that they wander around in. If a pet has an accident that you are unaware of, the urine will soak into the fiber of your carpet. This will leave a most extremely offensive odor that not only will make the room smell, but will linger throughout your entire house. These odors are very difficult to remove on your own, and if not cleaned immediately can ruin your carpet and require that new carpet be installed. If spills and accidents are left long enough untreated, not only will the accident soak into the fibers of the carpet, but also the floor padding. This will leave your house smelling awful.

Removing Musty Smells After Home Flood Damage

An unfortunate situation to be caught in is that of a flood in your home. If a flood has occurred in your home, it may be impossible to salvage the carpet, depending on the type of damage that has been done. Do not immediately think that you have to replace your entire carpet. There are professional carpet cleaning services that specialize in restoring carpet after it has been damaged by the effects of a flood. If you fail to treat your carpet after a flood has occurred, not only will you have a foul smell floating throughout your home, but you will also create a thriving environment for mold and mildew to grow – which will add another layer of offensive smell in your home.

Professional Carpet Cleaning, Stain & Odor Removal & Carpet Deodorization in Valley Village, Long Beach, Pasadena, Santa Monica, Santa Clarita, Simi Valley, Burbank, Calabasas, Beverly Hills, Thousand Oaks & Los Angeles CA

If your carpet has been damaged or smells foul or moldy, contact Steam Green Carpet Cleaning today. Our carpet cleaning and deodorizing services will have your carpet smelling fresh again in no time!

Clients Testimonials

We didnt have the funds to buy new carpet so we thought we would try them. They were able to get the pet smell out and they even were able to get oil paint from my 2 year old out of an upstairs bedroom carpet. Would use again.

Chris. S. Agoura Hills, CA