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The dingy old carpets in your home needed replacing and badly. With so many options to choose from, it’s hard to make a final choice on what kind of floor you want, but you did it! You had Steam Green Carpet Cleaners come and install the perfect hardwood floor that you had been gravitating towards. The hardwood floors accent your home just perfectly creating a down to earth homey feel with just the perfect dash of elegance. Now you need to understand the proper care for those beautiful floors.

Caring for Hardwood Floors

Caring for hardwood floors requires a little more diligence than caring for tiled or carpeted floors. Hardwood is a fickle material and needs to be properly cleaned and maintained to prolong the life and eye appeal. It’s not an exhausting or problematic affair, but it does require more routinely scheduled maintenance.

Steam Green Carpet Cleaning has prepared a few tips to help care for your Hardwood Floors.

1. Daily dust and dirt removal for high traffic floors, a minimum of weekly dirt and dust removal for rooms not often occupied. Whether your choose to vacuum (bare floor setting) or own a dust mop, it is prudent you clear the floor of dust and dirt. The fine grit of dust and dirt will act as sandpaper, and slowly wear through the hardwoods finish. Make sure the brushes on the vacuum or its attachments are not spinning as this can scratch the floors surface.
2. Avoid getting your hardwood floors wet. Water can ruin the finish of hard floors, seep into the root of your floors and cause staining, and eventually can make your boards warp and need replacing. Make sure windows are closed during rain, and any liquid spills are wiped up immediately. If you keep any potted plants on your floors, keep a trays underneath them.
3. Furniture polish isn’t a suitable cleaning aide for hardwood floors. Furniture polish and even hair spray can cloud the finish of your hardwood floors. If either come into contact with your hardwood floor, don’t stress; clean up with non-ammonia window cleaner.
4. Clean residue with a no-wax wood floor cleaner. To clean up any small messes before they become giant catastrophes, it is good to keep a cleaner easily accessible to treat any spills that might occur. If you notice dirt, clean before the finish can be damaged, or ground in. Liquids can stain and diminish the finish. Keep both under control.
5. Educate yourself on hardwood floor waxes and restorers. Rejuvenating your hardwood floor with wax is perfect if your floors have a wax finish. Do not apply wax to floors that have a shellac, varnish, or polyurethane finish. It can make your floor dangerously slippery and also interfere with subsequent finishes. For polyurethane finishes use a polish that is compatible for it. Other finishes can be polished with general-purpose floor restorer. Be sure to do a patch test in an inconspicuous area to ensure there won’t be any peeling or finish won’t be compromised.
6. When having the entry way open to hardwood floors, an extra long walk way rug is a optimal, along with a high quality outdoor mat. Keeping as much dirt off the hardwood floors just extends the finish and keeps caring for the floors a breeze. Be sure to keep the indoor rugs clean and the outdoor mat swept.
7. If you want to preserve your hardwood floors, an appropriate sized area rug for high traffic areas is recommended. High foot traffic, especially if shoes are worn indoors, can quickly deteriorate the finish on your hardwood floors. Area rugs can assist in keeping extending the life of your hardwood floors. Be sure not to get a throw rug with vinyl or rubber backing, this can trap moisture from humidity which can damage, stain, and ruin the finish.

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Following these basic steps can keep hardwood floors looking showroom ready for day to day cleaning. If you find your floors need a refinishing or repair, an experienced professional from Steam Green Carpet Cleaners can help. With our array of services, all your floors can be cared for by an expert. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you!

It’s surprising that everyone doesn’t realize the need for a professional to come out to clean and sanitize their carpets. Budgeting and caring for your carpets should be as necessary as getting that oil change for your car.

Steam Green Carpet Cleaning has prepared a list of just some of the reasons why you should regularly schedule professional carpet cleaning:

Stain Removal & Foot Traffic of Children – Probably the biggest reason is your adorable children. From the time they are able to take command of their little bodies, they are making messes. From baby spit-us, to up-chucks; those babies are just a gooey mess. Then when their toddler stage enhances, so does the mayhem. They learn gravity is fascinating. They test the theory constantly with their juice cups, learning to eat those snacks on their own; the toddler wreckage is cringe worthy to the neat freak. Than as they grow to older kids and all the way up, foot traffic is on high speed with their energy. Tracking in mud and dirt and bacteria, not to mention, everyone has a klutzy moment, and spills still happen. No matter their ages, our cherished little kids are hard on carpets.
Pet Stain & Odor Removal – The next obvious deduction are our furry pets. Our household pets often leave little “surprises“. Though they try their best to make sure to do their business in the appropriate place, sometimes it just doesn’t work out as planned. As our beloved pets wander inside to outside and back to inside; they carry in dirt, mud, pollen, and other bacteria on their cute little paws. The drooling is to be considered as well. Keeping the carpets professionally cleaned can help alleviate allergies and sicknesses carried in by our pets.

Set in Carpet Stain Removal

Even if your home is absent of children and pets, let’s face it, accidents happen and sometimes tough stains are a resulting fact of life. If these hard stains go untreated, the likely hood of that DIY cleaning job won’t step up to the task, and having that professional come and take care of your tougher stains will have do.

Special Event Carpet Cleaning

If you love to play hostess, particularly for those big events. When the need arises for an important affair to be in your home we want our homes to look dazzling. Hard to be magazine ready if those carpets are dingy. With a professional carpet cleaning, everything will be spotless and you will be proud to have those important guests walking through your home.

Professional Carpet Cleaning & Stain Removal in Valley Village, Long Beach, Pasadena, Santa Monica, Santa Clarita, Simi Valley, Burbank, Calabasas, Beverly Hills, Thousand Oaks & Los Angeles CA

If you have many people constantly coming and going, those high traffic areas will need a little extra tender love and care. Professional carpet cleaning will keep carpets looking like new and extend your carpet life. A professional cleaning is recommended a few times a year, and in between as needed. It will also be easier on you to maintain if your carpets are cared for by the experts at Steam Green Carpet Cleaning. Contact us today; a consultation is easy, and all your questions will be answered.

Clients Testimonials

We didnt have the funds to buy new carpet so we thought we would try them. They were able to get the pet smell out and they even were able to get oil paint from my 2 year old out of an upstairs bedroom carpet. Would use again.

Chris. S. Agoura Hills, CA